Who Am I? Why Am I Here? Tough Questions…Let me Try to answer

Hello guys. I’m taking part of a course called Blogging 101 and I will be posting some of my postings as well because, I want you guys to see my progress as well, and also leave your comments as well. Here I go, with my first assignment.

Who Am I?

Well folks, that is a question if I ever heard one. How to start answering this, hmmm, Ok I guess I will go small and then work my way through. My name is Federico, but my childhood nickname is Fico. I was originally from Puerto Rico and have been living in the US for almost 10 years. Puerto Rico is also a part of the US since it’s a US owned territory, but we Puertoricans like to think it’s a place of it’s own, but that is about all I can agree with that. I never really felt like I was part of there, and sadly, I kind of feel the same here. I moved here married and now I am not. I’m alone. But not to worry fellow B101 Bloggers, I am not a sad soul or even a pessimist as well. I have always found a way to keep myself entertained on my own. What I do for fun is, all sorts of geeky things….

  1. I’m a gamer
  2. I’m a comic book reader
  3. I draw
  4. I make YouTube videos
  5. I watch Netflix and YouTube way too much 😛
  6. I cook
  7. And sadly I’m on my own and not sure what I want to do with my life. And I’m over 30 so, it’s a little sad.

That number 7….sheesh. But regardless I’m always trying to learn new things, and trying to find something to dedicate myself to do and hopefully, use that to go from there.

Why Am I Here?

To share my feelings, to express what I feel of certain things and I hope to also heard from others what they feel as well. I have never been too worried about privacy with my feelings so that is why I have always done it publicly; to share what I truly feel and no masking anything.

I mostly bring topics revolving gaming. Lately it’s been the things that have bothered me about the gaming industry, the things I like about it, games I’ve played, games I’ve liked, elements of them that I dig and many things that I don’t as well. And the truth is that without video games, my life wouldn’t have any meaning at all. Shame this negativity keeps coming back, but I feel that they are a part of me and I hope I can have others relate to me as well. Tough times in the past and these majestic games helped me.

I would love to connect with not just gamers, but with people that have had a hard upbringing or at least, an environment where they were treated like they were an outsider. Like me. And games made the outside world a bit more bearable and tolerant. I hope to connect with people that have deep thoughts of not just the past and current trends of gaming, but the future as well.

If anything that I hope to accomplish, is to find meaning in my life. My purpose. And it’s not an easy thing to do. But here, I don’t really know yet. I hope at least to see people here dig what I say, and have opinions back as well as what they feel. And hopefully not let it become another place where people trash each other. Too much of that is going on, but I won’t silence anyone. I just hope for peace.

Well that is the last for now. Got more work to do. Take care guys. And like I say in my videos….my name is Fico, and that was my Gaming Mind. In life.




  1. joneshth · November 2, 2015

    Really nice insight. Thanks!


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