Why I Write…

Why I write….why why why….that is a very good question. I mean isn’t it? I have a YouTube channel and I enjoy editing footage and adding things in the videos as well as sharing my voice and what I have to show you on my end as well. Heck, you can actually see what I am trying to show you, and yet, I am also writing. In fact, right now, I have a timer and I cannot stop for the next 15 minutes or else the crew at Writing 101 will think I’m a wimp. I am of course kidding, because I am sure that the crew are sweet and they are already being very helpful. The assignment to start out with seems very straightforward but I myself have a confession to make.

Me being from Puerto Rico, my English is much better than most people in the island right now. I was learning it from a very young age and I was also practicing it when I was young as well. However the confession is that I am a man of a limited vocabulary so if it seems like this post and the future posts are missing big words that would make me sound like an adult and not a 15 year old that is still learning how to express myself? Well that is why. And for the record, I am not a 15 year old boy… you need to add at least a decade and a half to that. But I guess I have gone long enough.

Why? Well, it’s because I can see what I am saying. Because I can show the world my words. Because this world and this wonderful space that is known as the Internet, there are millions of voices that can’t be heard and instead, they are read. And I want people to read my voice. I have always felt that I didn’t have a voice growing up. I was treated as a person that was crazy, that was loud, that was a freak and a loser; and when the people that would treat me like this were done with me, they just acted like I didn’t exist. They didn’t care what I had to say, or how I said it. I wasn’t, even, there. And that made me a less than social person, but since leave my homeland and moving to the US, I have learned to find my voice by talking with individuals that actually ask me, what do you think?

Me? What do I think? You really want me to know? That is something that I always wanted and in life, you can only go so long without being able to be allowed to say what you want to say. As of now, there are things I want to say about myself that would break peoples hearts because they would think different of me. Things that have been ingrained in them as they were in me, but instead of staying with those seeds of the mind, I decided to get another source and then another one and then many more and now I feel even more separated from the people back home as before. Because I was different then. Imagine if I actually told them this fact which, now. I hope to one day have enough courage to share with the world this fact about me, but I feel much better, if I told the people I love first.

I write because people I care about know how I’m doing, and my thoughts on things when I can’t tell them with my own spoken words. I write because it is a relaxing feeling when you are pouring your words into your post, into your letters, into your Facebook status, into whatever I decide to do. I write because it is a fun activity that is a good way to pass the time. I write because I don’t always want to say things to people and keep it to myself so I never forget. I write because I haven’t gotten the change to say it before. I write because I am asked to and want to do my best in sharing what I can. And also, because I want to know what others have to say.

In short, with a few seconds left on the iPhone timer….I write…

Because I never gave it a shot. And I want to see what I am made of.

And there goes the buzzer 🙂



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