Why waste time on life? Says the tagline :P

Hey Blogging 101 and guys, I have decided to go full blog in this month and I am making this blog as good as I can do it with the help of the wonderful folks at B101. For this day, it was about finding a good tagline to attach to your blog title. It is like, an extra ingredient for a recipe that is missing something. That thing were it will tell people what they are getting themselves into; like, when a Food Network personality mentions what they are going to cook, but go on to express what they feel when they are cooking that specific recipe and also how easy it could be, and how delicious it is. Well, this is the tagline. The morsel of information and I wanted to keep it in the gaming realm.

I decided to use the tagline for Fico’s Gaming Mind as “Because the mind is a terrible thing to waste…on life”. Now, obviously I don’t 100% agree with that statement as, going out and having fun without video games is very rewarding. But the way I saw it was, I wanted to express that, video games are not the mind rotters that they are, and also, to show that, life can be a rewarding thing as well with video games in it. I remember many hangouts and many times were video games were the center of all the entertainment and all of the time. My life is better because of these games in it, and life in general is a bit taxing on me. They help me relax and they help others as well to find their place of zen at times.

I went with more hyperbole for this one. I hope it doesn’t sound too, ummmmm, straight forward :P. Games don’t rot your brain or suck your life away. Well, maybe if you play Dark Souls or World of Warcraft it might, but, regardless, that is my tagline. Let me know what you guys think.


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