The Success of Metal Gear Solid 5 Means Nothing Now, Konami

Say goodbye to these kind of games, folks!

For Day 4, the task is to write a blog for the purpose of someone I want to reach, to actually read it. And well, if there is anyone I want more in the world to read what I think of them, it’s one of the worse video game publishers out now. Konami; morally bankrupt, stupid in nature, and overall a scum filled hype of retarded old idiots that have no clue how to run a company, or worse, get along with people.

To no one’s surprise, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, was a huge success and is the last hurrah for Hideo Kojima, and his team at Kojima Productions. Oh wait, sorry, Production Team 8 or whatever Konami decided to name you. Konami didn’t like Kojima; in my opinion, they didn’t like that the entire company was resting on his shoulders, and the reasons are not at all surprising. His games are the only ones that seem to be good nowadays with the Konami logo. They are the ones that capture, and stretch the imagination and makes us want more. If it’s not that, then we get garbage like a Silent Hill game that sucks ass, like Downpour that is broken as both a functional game, and as a Silent Hill game. Or Castlevania, that cannot seem to get the transition to 3D worlds right. Or well, anything else really.

So it is not a shock that Konami, the douche nossles that they are, wanted to make Hideo pay for….what exactly? Being talented? Knowing how to gather talent and use it? Write better stories that what you idiots do on a daily basis? All Konami knows how to do is gather piss poor talent like Tom Hulett and his team of reject game designers to make games only a group like Team Silent can do. They didn’t even come close. In fact, to compare in a visionary aspect, a Team Silent game is a night out in the town to a fancy meal with the woman of your dreams, in a place only your inner desires can imagine. While a game lead by Tom is like going out to Burger King, going home, and watching Netflix. And then realizing you don’t have an Internet connection anymore.

I hate Konami in ways that are not imaginable. They took away his name from his last game with Konami, cancelled Silent Hills, took the awesome demo P.T. out of existence, made his team and other workers suffer through embarrassments for being late, or being sent to work on pachinko machines or clean spas. And as well as flag fans that posted fan art liked by Kojima, and demote him to contractor so that they don’t get treated as an actual employee after all the years of service. And well, above all else, being douches overall for, what, not being as talented as he is?

And now they are trying to sell the idea of another MGS game. Because this one was such a success, well of course they want to make another one. I’m sorry, but, aren’t you guys leaving the game design business? Didn’t you stop caring about it enough to go to mobile games and free-to-play-micro transaction-pay-to-win-HELL? Wasn’t that why you were being such dicks to the staff since, you clearly didn’t care about them at all anymore? The truth is that, they are having firing remorse. They now know that their company will never mean the same again. And there is no game that will come out ever again from those fucks, that will ever match up to what this awesome team with that man can do. And I’m happy that is what they are feeling.

Konami. Dear Konami. Don’t make another MGS. No one will buy it. It will not be the same, because it can never be the same. A Metal Gear Solid game without Hideo Kojima is possible; but it’s just not going to be even close to the same experience. You don’t have enough intelligence to write a good story, hire a good team, or make a good game anymore. Enjoy mooching off Hideo’s talent until the sales for The Phantom Pain drop, because this will never happen again. Ever. Losers.


Oh and here is a little more proof of their ineptitude.

Here are some tones to relax. To much rage.



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