The Space to Write….But I’m not a Writer :P

I honestly can’t really say much here, guys. This Day 6 assignment seems like it wants me, the guy that never really writes at all on his own, in private and mostly on blog form, to talk about his writing space. But you know what? The little bit of what you have seen has been the most I’ve poured into digital paper…it’s not paper, Fico; hey!!! Don’t start.

Ok, my point is that, this course has stretched my head in a few directions, especially knowing my life is about to change either soon or next year. But Ok, I shall indulge thy readers. If I want to write, I will do it where I am right now; in my apartment. My safe zone, my cave, my inner fortress. My fortress shared, by 11 other fortresses either in front of me, next to me, or above me. Bottom line is, that it’s in my home, and I prefer it because, it’s the place where I have the less distractions. I cannot do this all too well in a world full of chaos, of movement, and mostly it’s my fault. I have always been a person to be distracted by everything; in childhood, ADHD was the diagnosis, but it wasn’t like common. As an adult, I have a bit more focus, but hardly much I can do if things are happening in my face. Where as in my home, I can be in front of my screen, typing away, and no one in front of me, looking at me weird, thinking what a loser I am for, some reason.

My habits are mostly this…the blogging I do is the most writing I do, and it’s where I feel the best to spill my garbage of a mind to. I don’t write on notebooks, journals, or typewriters. Typing I learned in school, and that was a nightmare, and I will never relive that horrible class. Thought, it has made me better on a keyboard, so I am thankful for that. Supplies are a computer; that is it. I sometimes take a few notes on Evernote or Simplenote (found out about this and I really like it).

What I want as a dream, is a place of my own, a house, a place where I can say this is where I live, not where I rent and borrow a little hole. I would like this house to be very spacious, not filled with small rooms where you already feel squished, especially with guests. But the space makes me feel comfortable, and helps also to have an area to have my computer with my editing gear, but my writing place could also be my drawing place. A place to keep practicing my drawing and get better at, something meaningful. Something I can be proud of.

And I don’t really write much, so it doesn’t have to be perfect, I just want to feel safe, and feel like there is no one above me, or beside me, when I do this.

This was a fairly easy one, and I hope you learn how unremarkable I am, when it comes to writing. Maybe something that can change, but right now my life, is not at it’s finest. But I do ask you guys to share what you guys do or want, as a space where an actual good writer, unlike me, wants to escape to and pour their thoughts into. And how? What is your dream writing paradise?

Also, I want to do this much more, so let me know what you guys want me to blog about. I want to express to all, whatever I can. It can be about anything…life, technology, video games, cooking. Heck, even religion if, you want to get extra deeper. Anything you want… Leave your suggestion at my contact page, right here. So far it will go to here, so I will see if I can figure this contact thing, first.

Take care guys!



  1. Cheri Lucas Rowlands · November 10, 2015

    In your first sentence, you say you have nothing really to say — but look, you then drafted a post with seven paragraphs!

    Sure, you might not identify as a “writer,” but this month, you’re writing. That was the goal of this month. And I think that’s awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fico · November 10, 2015

      Hehehe. Seven…sheesh! Well that definitely is a lot to say, indeed. And this has been a very fun month, so far. I mean, personally on my end, it’s not been that good. But when I come here, and post things, it makes things from my world seem like not a big deal.


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