The Art of Studying. Not Life.

This is a very interesting post don’t by EJ Koh, one of the tweets featured on the Day 7 Writing 101 email I received, this morning, asking for me to express what I feel about it. Whether I agree or disagree, expand, or turn it into a song… which I am not doing today, because I love music but writing songs, will get me flayed.

So this tweet is very impacting to me, and I agree with it to the most one hundred of percents of the land. The tweet, I think, stems from the notion that, even after you prepare all your life to live, you don’t know anything. You don’t know shit about shite, and forgive my language back there; that is the goddamn truth. The reality of life is nothing any school, ever in the history of everything, seems to give to students. I am here, living alone, not knowing where I am being taken to, and I feel so many things I could be doing or have done, and I often think…what happened? Why don’t I know what I want to do? Why am I not happy?

Life. That is the answer in it’s coldest. The tweet speaks of trying to study, and trying to figure out how to make something, but what do the studies really teach you about, anything. How things work is a wonderful thing in the world, but at times, what would that bring you. I feel like the topic is slipping….let me save it. I learned what I could from the times I was younger, college, and I feel like I’m still learning. Why are we always still learning? It’s because we don’t know anything, about anything, and we won’t be able to know everything, because it is impossible.

And at times, that knowledge is a little sad, when you could really use this for yourself. Studying doesn’t prepare a person for life, only to known what he or she would know, about the fields they are learning about. But how can you apply that to life? That to me, is the failure that many people still do. How is any of this going to apply to what I do, and how to I separate myself, my studies and my life? Goddammit I’m rambling. I don’t even know if I still make sense. Do I?

EJ Koh.

Look, I don’t mean to say studying is a waste of time. Not at all; in fact, I urge everyone to learn a skill, to practice these skills and share with the world. I guess for my experience, learning really hasn’t gotten me anywhere yet. All that school time, college time, and the 9 years I spent working here, haven’t translated into an answer for me. And the tweet, if anything, speaks truth to me because in the end; what do you really know? You know about computers, a little better English, and a little better at socializing with people. But what do you know? What do I know? I know that, nothing I’ve done so far, in my opinion has had any worth in terms of meaning. And EJ, in my mind, wants us to go out there and learn how to live. Not just learn how things work, or find out things just from reading them. But to experience new moments, and to learn the vitals of living.

Learn how to live, and you can probably go back to the studies with a new point of view. Because now you know how to apply what you know, with how you live. That, it what her tweet, to me, is about.

If you guys like this word salad of a ramble, let me know and also, please share your thoughts if you have anything to add. Disagree? Definitely let me know as well, because I love to share thoughts. And if you guys have any suggestions, place visit my Contact page and suggest things for me to talk about. I want to share my thoughts with the world. Lately not much about gaming, but I have more to say than just that. Take care guys!



  1. beingmepresently · November 10, 2015

    There are different types of learning. Studying for example is different from wisdom. I know now in my 30’s that I knew nothing in my 20’s. But I bet in my 40’s I will say the same about my 30’s. X

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    • Fico · November 11, 2015

      Indeed. That key word, wisdom. How easy it is to forget that. Even the oldest of old, look back and feel the same. I didn’t even mention that word, once. It’s great to get new perspective, after you are done writing as well.

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