Be Calm And Comment On

Leaving comments nowadays has both a good side and a bad one. Me being on YouTube, I fear at times when I ask for comments because, I could get crucified with hurtful words. Thankfully, I can’t find a single thing that has been said to me, that I can feel hurt for anymore. Today, I browsed the blog universe and found a few posts that I would like to share.

I give credit to Being Me Presently for giving me the idea on how I was going to share this. I even took one of her blogs that she suggested, because at the end of it, I wanted a freaking Bahn Mi.

Tell It Slant Mama

Ode To Bahn Mi is a very good read about a simple little Vietnamese sandwich, I had the pleasure of eating a few months ago. Goes into details about childhood, her parents, and the sandwich that ties her to her heritage. Very interesting read, indeed.


These guys I’ve known for many years, and the article I commented on was on how journalists were leaving their careers to become part of the world, of PR. Short read, but interesting as well. The link is here if you want to check it out.

Singing Warrior

Drawing is a way to get me a little relief, and learn how to do something else besides what I am currently going to be let go soon :P. She expresses her opinion on creative entitlement. I won’t say it’s interesting, because that word has been overused on this post. It’s a wonderful read. Did I just say interesting again….dammit!

British Museum

These swanky fellows interview a wonderfully talented manga artist, on his creation of a popular golf manga, called Stay Fine. Interview is right here. Good job, BM!

Leave your comments here, and tell me what you guys are thinking about the posts I’ve been leaving for the Blogging 101 course. I am also doing game posts as well, and will be talking soon about Fallout 4. Let me know in the Contacts on my home page what topics to talk about. Or go here and leave your suggestions.



  1. beingmepresently · November 11, 2015

    Thanks for the mention Fico. I’m glad you found it useful. X

    Liked by 1 person

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