Creative Entitlement: A Post from a Comment

Yesterday, I was assigned by Blogging 101 to leave comments on blogs that called to you. Let them know what you thought, and also how they made you feel, or if you didn’t agree with their post or not. Today I am taking this a step further, by expanding on the comment by giving my thoughts about Singing Warrior’s post about Creative Entitlement: You are Allowed To Be Here. I left this comment yesterday:

Thanks for beingmepresently for sharing your blog, and find this great read. I am in the middle of a career transition, and I am struggling to find out what I want to do. I started to draw in 2013 and it’s been an on again, off again thing. My current-soon-to-be-done job has suck the soul out of me, but I often feel good when I do things, in a creative matter. Whether it is editing videos for my YouTube channel, or posting on the blogs, or drawing; I find that it is a pleasant challenge. And it can definitely be scary indeed.

So today, I explain what the post is, in a little bit of detail. The post is about Singing Warrior, making a recommendation for what I think it’s a book, called Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic. Where the idea is that “the essential ingredients for creativity are courage, enchantment, permission, persistence and trust.” And that is pretty true in my opinion, since, I have been trying to be more creative for a few years, and learning how to draw, and doing video editing leaves a good amount for a person, to be as creative as they can be.

Courage was instrumental for both since I didn’t think I could draw, until I took the leap and decided to take that fundamentals class for drawing. And for YouTube, making my first video, and uploading it after years of watching and subscribing to other channels, was also important. Had to dig a little more deep and just do it. Taking a dive is scary, and courage is important if you want to pursue what you want to do. Especially if you plan on sharing your thoughts to the world.

Where enchantment comes in is when you are making those ideas come to life. When you think of something, you just don’t go “oh shit, I wish I could do that”. It then becomes, “oh shit, I can’t believe I did that.” When you continue to have those moments, that is where I think enchantment comes…to never stop impressing yourself.

Permission is a good one, only because you shouldn’t have to have it. Waiting to be allowed to express yourself is understandable if you live in a country where, you can’t express certain things. But with creativity, you shouldn’t have to wait. You should do whatever you feel you want to do, especially now in this age where everyone gets offended about everything. The solution is not to draw or do what you want, based on what the status quo wants you to do; but instead stuff it back in their face and do what you want. They will come to realize they cannot tell you how to be creative, and they will just give up. Or continue but one day, will realize it’s futile.

Persistence. This is big on YouTube because, the comment section can be an area of great discussion and exchange of ideas, or, it can be what it actually is; a disease infested, moldy muck of crap filled code where, if you read, you die. At times, I’ve seen people straight up dump their entire channels, just because the many bad comments got to the point where it was just too much for them. I find it easier since, I don’t let the comments bother me; I’ve been called so much crap over the years from people in real life, comments that are negative seem small in comparison. Some do, but in the end, it’s not the end of the world, if you just take those comments and put them aside. Work hard, and try your best and see what happens. By then, if you succeed, more people will care and like what you do, than those that don’t.

Trust, indeed. This one is basically to do work that, you think people would like to have you do. In YouTube, I do videos because I want to express my opinions about certain things. And a good motivator is to do it, as if you are doing a service THE PEOPLE want you to do. It’s a good feeling when you see the result and it is actually what it is.

The original post is again, here. Give it a read, and tell Singing Warrior what you think. Also, tell me what you think about this post as well. What are your examples for it. Here is a good idea: make a post on your own blog as a response, and post it here so I can read it. The comment section is great, but a post can let you express better, with no limits. That was the point of the Blogging 101 Day 9 exercise, after all ;).

Share also ideas on the Contact section on the main menu by pressing “Contact Me”, and offer suggestions on ideas for posts, or just to share whatever. Take care guys!




  1. beingmepresently · November 12, 2015

    I like how you took each aspect and wrote something personal around that theme. Great post …and keep drawing! X

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fico · November 12, 2015

      Why thank you! And yes, I’m going to definitely keep drawing. I want not just be knowledgeable in it, but really good at it. Practice is definitely on the ramp up.

      Liked by 1 person

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