Why Rule the World, When You Can Write On Your New Free Time

Day 9. Named after a Starcraft caster called Day Nine….but we aren’t talking about him. It’s a new day and the ninth on the Writing 101 course, and I wanted to share something else with all of you. Seems that, my “I’m not a Writer” post is a little contradictory; because Cheri told me from the on set, after saying it, that I wrote! I guess when I think of writing, I think of pouring your soul on paper or on the Web, in a way that sounds more than just, normal. To me it’s about words as well, and my vocabulary is sadly limited. But I try to stretch my creativity in ways that, even if they are limited, you can still get what I am saying as well.

But on to today’s post: I am a person who, is filled with things to do during the day. Thankfully, I don’t have the problems of, not having enough time on my day, and for this I am not sure why I would use a machine to get more time. I’m assuming this would be a time machine, or some device to slow down time around me, or just plain stop time, except for when I step into my apartment. So after my day would be over at work (the short time left until 2016, at least), I would write about gaming experiences I had when I was a young lad with almost no friends. I would structure my day to have at least a good 2 hours extra, just to post a bunch here, and share my thoughts about upcoming games, the future of the game industry, and also make more videos. I can do a sort of combination YouTube/WordPress combination, much more effective. I think it’s easier to do this, since the editing is 90% longer on a video that is super ambitious, than in a post where I just scroll, and see what I messed up.

I would also write about what things were like growing up, when gaming wasn’t considered a cool thing. When doing it made you a loser with no friends, and unpopular, and a reject to society and a potential serial killer. Things have shifted a little bit to sexism now, but the arguments are the same, and I don’t get too bent out of shape. Also I would like to write about events I would like to attend, people I would like to talk to, and experiences I had from learning how to make something that is pretty complex, as a video game.

Also write about my impressions for hardware I can try out, and give my thoughts and either show people why they should or, shouldn’t get what I am talking about. Lately however I’ve been writing about nothing game related, and I have even thought about changing the name of the blog, because this blog is heading into a different direction.

With more time, I would make this blog into a full blown website for people to learn about me, and tell me about their experiences as well. I think this exercise is a little strange, since I do have the time for that. 3 days off allow me to do a lot, but not in the focus I can put into this. But that is just me. I would like to just, do something that makes me happy. This makes me feel good, and I love the interactions I have with the people that comment, like and follow my blog.

Ok, pop quiz…what would you do if as a writer, you didn’t have enough time? What do you normally do? Or if you do find yourself pouring your days into it, what do you do to escape? Is it bearable? Do you want to just go back and write and forget the resting period; or is the resting period a good thing? And screw it, why not also tell me what you would do when a machine that let you stop time, slow it or back up to an earlier moment in it.

Let me know and also share opinions and thoughts via my Contact Me and tell me what you would like me to talk about. I focus on gaming, but it seems you wouldn’t think that from all the personal, depressing, or hands down more creative posts I do. Should I change the name if I’m not focusing lately on it? Maybe? Tell me 🙂



  1. beingmepresently · November 12, 2015

    I think if you love something enough, you will make time for it – but many of us have to learn this. I don’t see the need to change your blog name – all life is a game and we are the players! X

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    • Fico · November 12, 2015

      That is deep. And very true. I was just contemplating it since I’ve noticed that I’m enjoying posting about things non game related, and it seems to dwarf what I’ve been doing. But in any case, whatever name it has, I’m still posting about that I like and what is in my head. And the learning part is true. You want to be good at something, you also have to be good at making time for it as well.

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  2. Kathy · November 12, 2015

    I can relate to what you wrote. “pouring your soul on paper or on the Web” – that’s the way I see my personal writing, my blog. Writing helped me to heal. After my mom died, I wrote to understand, to wrote to release my feelings, I wrote because I couldn’t stop crying, I wrote to heal. I write professionally as a medical writer. I wish I had more time to write personally. Thanks for sharing

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    • Fico · November 12, 2015

      I am so sorry to hear about your mother. I saw it in your title and post, it cannot be easy. But hearing that writing has helped you is great. And in a public arena like the Internet, people can help with the healing process, as well as share moments with you, show you what is in them, show you what they want to say when no one is around about their losses, or even anything else. People have a voice, and life at times keeps it quiet. For whatever reason. I hope you can find it in you to write more personally, or at least, the time ;).

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      • Kathy · November 13, 2015

        Thank you. Finding the time to write personally is difficult, especially being a professional writer – the topic of the post yet to be written. Writing saved me. I was such a mess when my mom died and writing my feelings and sharing with others really helped me to heal. Writing continues to help me as I approach November 16th, the anniversary of my mom’s death. I will find the time to write my book about my mom because it’s important to me. Thanks again!

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      • Fico · November 13, 2015

        You are welcome. I’m happy that writing this for you. Keep it going 😉


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