Apologies. Paris. Evil. And Waste.

Image by TheGoldenBox from DeviantArt. Not owned by me.

I know my last post wasn’t at all what I was suppose to do, and I’m thinking more about doing the Day 10 project, so bear with it until I do it. I will remove it if you guys want to. I don’t want to sound like a whiner to you guys, and I don’t want to seem like I’m not mature, either. Those are what my legit thoughts are, and I want to share them. But if it seems like it’s a bit too much on the negative and not enough for, well, a blogosphere environment, it’s probably because I’m still getting used to the whole deal.

But enough about me, let’s talk about Paris. About pointless acts of violence, about the lives that are gone for no reason, and what will eventually come out of this, which is not at all what I think the attacks were aimed to do. Disclaimer: I’m just finding out about the attacks and I’ve read 2 to 3 sources after finding this out, so if this ends up being blamed on something else, well, I will try to make this less about the why, and more about the rest. An attack on multiple locations in Paris, where it included a soccer game, a rock concert, and a set of restaurants were carried out, and hundreds were killed, and who knows how many have been injured.

This is a theme, isn’t it? Near the end of the year, there is a tragedy, and this year, we have had a few. Not that long ago, we witnessed the Oregon shooting; not the long either, around the holidays, we witnessed in horror the Sandy Hook shootings. And year after year, it’s a sad reality that, many of these attacks’ questions go unanswered. Which is to me, a little pointless because these attacks didn’t accomplish anything. These attacks, are nothing more than people trying to scare the world, or a way to get attention when, they claim they are being ignored. But instead of doing something productive, and helping a world that either didn’t do much for them or have a different point of view; they attack. As if this is the solution to some kind of problem. And it isn’t. It never is when you take away the chance for expression, and instead, just silence the opposition with violence.

The people who were killed, didn’t have a chance to share their story with the attackers, or a chance to defend themselves. They were just doing something fun, something normal. Whether it was to escape the daily grind of working, relaxing with a fine meal or going together to a big sporting event; no one expected their Friday to turn into a massacre. These people, didn’t deserve the pain they are going through now; and the dead, didn’t deserve to die, for no reason. Death is something I’ve seen happen in my family over the last few years, and one, was to gun violence. This was truly an act where, people will think it’s evil trying to conquer over the forces of good and the topic of evil, is one that I might go into another post. I am certain that acts like this, are motivated by what the attackers thought it was a righteous thing to do. I said I wouldn’t go into the why, but that makes evil and good a little blurred. How can so many people think that what happened was a horrific, inexcusable and completely deplorable act; while some are condoning it? Some people think this was the mighty work of holy soldiers, or, whatever. This is why evil and good is confusing to some. But naturally, you don’t get your morals from what you read and what you believe; but instead from who you are with, and what you learn from the company you keep with you, when you grow up.

If the attacks were motivated by what I think they were, then to me it’s a waste. And if they weren’t, it’s a waste either way. If the attackers were aiming at changing people’s mind with fear and violence, it didn’t work. Terrorists attacks are known to be motivated to instill fear in order to get people to behave a certain way. It’s basically weapons grade bullying. Taking lives to fuck with the system, because people don’t want to listen to you anymore. Well sorry for what I’m about to say to those who agree with the acts, or anyone that is thinking about doing this again….don’t waste your breath.

These attacks do cause people to panic, to talk, to grieve, and to take another look at their world and analyze what is wrong. But the pleasant truth, the good truth…is that this will all go away, and the world will be more united than before. These people underestimate the human spirit. And I don’t mean some Holy Spirit someone told you some time ago you had, or a soul. I mean the bond we as people have with each other. The empathy that we all share with a suffering world. It’s what makes us want to be better people; it’s what makes us give to those who are in need, and it’s what makes us human. The world is a scary place and without warning, your life ends. But that is a fact of life, you die. Don’t be scared of the world. The world has many people in it, whiling to help you and each other out, in times of need. I come to this site, post on my blog, and get comments that make my day, a better day. I want the people that are forcing their beliefs with violence or, impose some crazy idea with hatred that, we as the world do not tolerate these acts. The population of this planet is largely a population of unity, and strength, in the times of desperation and sadness. Paris might be today, united in pain and sorrow, but I have been there. It’s a city of pride for the things in life, for their culture, for their city. They are so proud of being French men and women from Paris that it’s almost stubborn and annoying :P. And this is why they will not be put down. Whatever the attackers did, will fail in the long run. An act of violence, or several, is not enough to shake a city forever. They will rise up and take back their city, and if it sounds like I’m doing the The Dark Knight Rises or Arrow speeches I’m not, so chill.

It’s a waste. Hatred never triumphs over reason, over unity, over love, and certainly over thought. You have achieved nothing but the proof that the world, is overall, united with each other. I don’t pray, but my thoughts are with the victims and with Paris. You are a beautiful city, and you made me feel like I was one of your own when I visited you in high school. This sorrow is temporary, and then hope comes the next day.

If you want to leave your thoughts, go ahead and leave them down below. If you disagree as any point, let me know as well. And if you have anything you would like to suggest to me about the blog or topics to talk about, leave me a message by going to the Contact Me on the Sidebar, anytime. Take care guys!



  1. Vibrant · November 17, 2015

    You have articulated your ideas very well and I completely agree that this doesn’t accomplish anything. That is the point of being ‘ignorant’. Doing things which harm you and others as well is truly being ignorant!

    Humanity has much goodness come what may and your ideas are helping that goodness 🙂

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fico · November 17, 2015

      Ah man! Thank you! I really appreciate your kind words. I always like the idea that we as humans, are naturally good, and we are intolerant to these events. Funny how the ignorance and intolerance from them, led to the complete opposite for the world. We are not ignorant or intolerant to this degree. Except maybe when this happens, and gets us to speak up. I am so glad you think that about my ideas :).

      Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Vibrant · November 17, 2015

        Yes, I agree. Welcome 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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