I Just Want to Start, A Flame in Your Heart. With Fallout 4


Good to see you again, friend!

This was my game at the time. A time where I was roaming the Capital Wasteland, all alone, just leaving the comforts of the world that I knew. Vault 101. That was it for my character and his life. Living in that place, and then getting exposed to the Wastes, the raiders, the Super Mutants, The Enclave, The Brotherhood of Steel, the sights and sounds of Three Dog (bow wow wow). And of course, the wonderful world of Fallout 3, created by Bethesda, the company behind The Elder Scrolls games, including my all time favorite…Morrowind.

But after many years of not getting a Bethesda made Fallout game, we had to make due with Fallout: New Vegas, made by Obsidian Entertainment; and it was a good game as well. Funny how the original creators of Fallout, when they were Interplay, now come full circle to make the next game another company made, from their IP. It’s pretty nice. And I enjoyed playing Fallout Shelter on my phone, and even tolerated the timed events, and the repetition, but I was calm. I knew, that I would eventually get the game I have been waiting for. Then at E3 2015, it happened. I saw the bombs fall again.

Fallout 4! And now after a few short months of waiting, the game has finally arrived and I’m about 11 hours into it, and I have to say, much has been improved, and there is much to do indeed; just the way I like it. Not going to go into spoiler territory, but I do love the new environment of The Commonwealth. Boston, post fallout, and now taken over by the same harsh environments that plagued the Capital of DC in the third game. No soon after my Vault 111 friend comes out, I’m being assaulted by Ghouls, Bloat Flys and now, big ass mosquitos. And now they do Rad Damage! Wow, that sucks ass! The enemies look much better here in this next gen Fallout game, but the Commonwealth itself, the people, and you; all look great. Graphics are top notch, and this is easily Bethesda’s best looking game of their library.


Gameplay is much like the original game, but improved in a few ways as well. Like how you can know score critical hits by, triggering them when you are using the Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System, or V.A.T.S. You also have customization up the arse and back. Such as the ability to mod weapons, power armor, your settlements, your own armor, cooking and chemical compounds to help you out. Game runs very smooth, most of the time, and it’s been working very well after the Day 1 patch, for the crashes. Also, there was an area that wasn’t loading it’s textures, and wouldn’t let me do a mission. But it got fixed…


What the bloody Hell happened here?

Enemies are tougher, because there are so many at most times, you need to have a companion almost always. Which is why I have kept Cogsworth most of the time, and now I’m using Piper. DogMeat was amazing, and I need to find that loveable hound. Cute how he always rips people’s throats open.

The minor touches are what I love the most, like the way the missions, you see a tiny animation of the Vault Tec boy doing silly movements, or how on every SPECIAL perk, he does something funny as well. This game has a lot of dark humor, but it also has an awesome story, which involves you, the look of someone you care about, and a threat called, The Institute. And that…is all I’m saying about that.

The game is excellent, but I haven’t gotten much time to play it. I will play it some more, and I will get a video made to add into another post. Until then, let me know what you guys think of Fallout 4. What are your favorite parts of the game? Did something not work at launch? And also, what is your favorite Bethesda game?

And suggestions for later topics, let me know, at the Contact Me section. Take care guys! And remember…


War Never Changes


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