Do You Want to Drink Baby Coffee with Me?


Coffee this month has been a very important topic, because it made a very controversial, non controversial deal about something rather pointless. However, this is the perfect time for me to share with you, the funnest cup of coffee you will have in a while. So let’s talk friends…

If I was having a cup of the Devil’s Brew with you…I would tell you that I’m doing OK. Overall, and I mean it. It’s not that things are not going good, but I will say things could definitely be worse. I would share how my company is eliminating my position, but I say to you that, it’s not the end of a job, but the start of a new life. I would tell you it’s sad that after a few years, knowing people that are basically my 2nd family, are going to be separated. But we each will be OK. I would say we are very talented and other places would love to have us there.


If we were having a cup of Liquid Baby with you…I would tell you that I am again addicted to League of Legends. I would tell you that I’ve been maining with the newest one, Kindred. I would tell you that, they are basically the embodiment of Death of the world of League. Both represented by a sheep humanoid being called Lamb, and a floating purple spirit called Wolf. If you accept death, Lamb will take you life with mercy, by finishing you off with an arrow. Refuse or get fuzzy, Wolf will chase you, and finish you off; violently. I would tell you I use them with Jungler, and it’s one of the best.

If I was having a cup of Satan’s Hot Sweat with you…I would tell you how awesome Fallout 4 is. I would tell you how much I’m enjoying it and I tell you to get it for the PC because you and me, we are part of the Master Race…PC Master Race, and our cups temporarily meet each other in cheers.

During this, I will play the entire soundtrack for Fallout 4 in a playlist I found on Spotify. And I would tell you while we share another cup of Lucifer’s Blood…that my favorite tracks are “The End of the World” by Skeeter Davis, “The Wanderer” by  Dion and The Belmonts, and one from the previous games, “Dear Hearts and Gentle People” by Bob Crosby and The Bob Cats. When you mix each one in the world of Fallout 4, it’s so addicting. I don’t even listen to this music, but I tell you it’s addicting.

As we end end our visit to Hellbucks, I wish you a good time on your vacation and I would tell you that, by the way, I’m going to see my family soon and it’s going to be great. They ask about you all the time, and they want to finally meet you, friend. So as we bid goodbye to this visit, I have a little bit more of a craving to go back in, and get another small Peppermint Mocha Hot Chocolate; made with with baby parts. I should really stop going there for a bit, because I’m taking care of myself and wouldn’t be good for, my already not so good looking gut.

Until next time friend, we will meet again. We can go to Heaven Donuts and have a cup of Joy on me 😉


Well guys, the context is obvious from the Starbucks Red Cup of Doom, and I thought it was funny to share with you guys now. What would you share with your friends, family, or your significant other; over a cup of coffee. It seems like, it’s a private-public gather it seems, when you sit with others, and feel like you are private as well. Are these meetings important? What do you discuss?

Let me know in the Contact Me section of topics you want me to talk about, and as always…take care guys!

Enjoy the Fallout 4 playlist!




  1. petitewise · November 16, 2015

    I quite liked your post! It was super entertaining, especially your nicknames for coffee. Satan’s Hot Sweat was my favorite. I have to ask, how did you get your Spotify playlist onto your post?? That is truly awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fico · November 16, 2015

      Thank you! And I’m happy that you enjoyed the read. This playlist trick was something I learned from the Blogging 101 course. What you do, is you go to Spotify, and you Right-Click on the song, album or playlist you want to add and click on Copy Spotify URI; then wherever you want to post it, you click on the Advanced Toggle on the right toolbar (the three dots on top of each other) to expand the toolbar. Click on Paste As Text, click OK on the box, and then Paste the copied URI from Spotify. Let me know if it works! 😉

      Liked by 2 people

      • petitewise · November 17, 2015

        Hah! This is funny, because I AM registered for the Blogging 101 course, but I’ve never officially done the assignments. I feel bad now, I’m a bad student! (-__-) Thank you for letting me know about this awesome tip! Maybe I’ll start paying attention to those assignments…

        Liked by 1 person

      • Fico · November 17, 2015

        I’ve learned quite a bit about the blogosphere. It’s a pretty great course, even, for seasoned bloggers. Never too late 😉


  2. Kathy · November 17, 2015

    Love your descriptions. And I probably know the soundtrack for Fallout 4. I sit here and type, my son plays the game, and there’s always music in the background.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fico · November 17, 2015

      Most of them have been in previous Fallout games, which makes me all the happier that they are back. I also added a mod to the PC version of Fallout 3, and it expanded the son list by over 100 more songs. And each song is great. Some are in the Fallout 4 game, lol. Developers look at the modding community and get inspiration. So I’m sure they saw the playlist and added a few from it.

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  3. Chas Rad · November 17, 2015

    I tell ya, I used to be into Skyrim on console then got it on PC and man the graphics were worlds different. Seeing is believing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fico · November 17, 2015

      And then you add those silky smooth high res mods, if you want. And then more high graphics mods and then Skyrim looks like how the games the generation, AFTER, the current one, will look like. Maybe even the next one.


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