The Gaming Party. The Best Kind in the World

This is inspired by the Daily Post, Daily Prompt. Today is RSVP….enjoy!

Hello friends. My blog is going through mood swings with, me wanting to make videos and talk about games one moment, and then being asked to write something personal by Writing 101, to also trying to learn the basics. But that is OK, because today, we are making the mood a little more, festive. Because today, I want to talk about the ultimate party for all to attend…a gaming party.

Some years back, when I was a contractor in the job I am currently working (for the moment), I used to throw these cool parties in my apartment, back when I was married as well. So I definitely had help, I also had someone to keep the company happy as well. Because Guitar Hero and Rock Band were in their popular stages back then, that was mostly what we would play, almost all the time. It’s funny how, now those games are back, and the spirit of those games remain the same. Which makes hosting on of these, an awesome thing.

You aren’t that social? You don’t need to be. Just find people you know, and express your interest in having them over to your place, to play games. That is it. You have no clue the power, that you wield in your words. Gamers like me, want to game. We want to go to places where video games are everywhere, and play them as long as we can. And if you mention this, to say, coworkers? What do you think happens? They want to know when, where, how and for how long this event will last. And also, how about the snacks?

Don’t think you can only live on Doritos and Mountain Dew alone. A good host makes sure, that your company feels like they are in their home. So I would always cook things like tacos, or nachos, or make appetizers and we would, all ship in for pizza, or Asian cuisine. Oh yes, that was always delicious. A friend of mine, made Pork Spare Ribs, and I couldn’t stop eating, those magnificent spare ribs of happiness.

Games? Yes. Make sure them games can be played by others in a group or taking turns. Playing a single player game is fun and I’m sure, people will enjoy watching you do stuff. But they will get bored, if you do not include them. Now with Twitch, they can go home and do the same thing you are offering; to watch someone play video games. I personally love fighting games as a way to get people to play games. Shooters are great because most can be done locally; at least the older ones. And if you have a WiiU? Well you might have the best console available to have a party. To have a bunch of WiiU games like Super Smash Bros, or Mario Party, or Mario Kart; the fun could never end with that console.

And if you like board games, have some board games as well. And also, don’t go easy on the drinks. OK maybe you should, because you don’t want the people in this party, drunk as shit, breaking your things. No no no, you cannot do that, sir! But have them bring their own, or also have them ship in a little money or food or even more games. You would be surprised how much fun, with little effort you can all have.

Music is not a bad thing, but don’t wake the neighbors. Have chairs, because I made that mistake and most people sat on the floor, on the first party. Ice is your best friend and you will not forget it. Cups are a must and for Heaven’s sake, get some plates too.

And if you are a good speaker or communicator, you will be the talk of the ball. Enjoy the company, and also, make sure you are offering your guests refreshments, chips, a little fun with turns. Make sure that ALL of guests are having fun. And have fun, yourself, mate. Enjoy. This party is more for them, but it can also be for you.

I’ve done a few of these in the past, and I hope my limited experience with them can help the socially awkward, to throw a little party. It doesn’t have to be Party Of The Year, but just try to make it fun. Let me know what you think. Take the Daily Post Prompt and try to post something related to that. Again the post is here at Also leave me your opinions on your idea of a party. Leave comments for me in my Contact Me for ideas on posts, and whatever you want to talk about. Take care guys. And Party On!



  1. Chas Rad · November 16, 2015

    Gaming parties are great. Used to play Rock Band with my friends…when I had them around. Now I’m on Twtich with them and we just have a chat while I stream.


    • Fico · November 16, 2015

      Same here. Most were co-workers of mine that, are no longer working with me. And we get schedule swaps that, leave us all not being able to hang out anymore. Some moved as well, so they are not close. But you can do what you can with who is around. And your friends still hang on Twitch, so that is cool. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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