Commenting, with Confidence

Booyah! I have done some commenting in the past, but today, I take the Gold Medal for doing it SIX TIMES! Oh yeah! The exercise was, to find what you posted on your RSVP Daily Post and then, see what others have done, and leave a comment. Let them know what you think about, what they would do in your situation. The exercise is to show that, you blog about things, but others blog about the same things as well. Share with them, what you think about it as well; exchange and share their thought process, expand what you said in yours as well, and share with them too.

Instead of leaving the comments, I will leave the links I visited, and commented on and, you can browse to the bottom of each one and see, the wisdom I left for each one. Wisdom. I think wisdom is too strong for me. Words. There we go. I am not a man of wisdom, in my opinion…but I do have things to say. If you like them, take them to heart. If you don’t, let me know too 😉


Wisdom of Wonderers

Write Where I Belong

Views From Around The Corner


The Nameless One

Like Reading On Trains



  1. Sir Tonix · November 17, 2015

    Good for you, Fico. I liked what you wrote, thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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