Music Mondays (umm, Tuesdays) Challenge

Hello folks. Once again I’ve decided to explore doing something out of my comfort blogging zone. And I hope that this is one that all of you reading, will take part of. It’s a blogging challenge.

And why am I doing the Music Monday Challenge? Because I love music. And I feel enveloped with calm, and makes me feel awesome, whenever I listen to some. And the best part about today’s world is that, with services like Spotify, you can pay a bit each month, and have an unlimited supply of music. Also, new music you can discover, thanks to the software’s suggestions, and abilities to see what you listen to, and offers suggestions to do so.

This challenge is to show people with some new music for all to enjoy so, I will partake into this endevour with some hard as fuck music! If you don’t have Spotify, I will also link a YouTube video of the songs. I will suggest three songs today, and I hope from here, it’s a good starting up point. What I do in Spotify, I go to the Related Artists, and I see the bands or musicians that are like this. So without further delays….here are my choices for Music Mondays Not On Monday Challenge.

  1. Julieta Venegas – “Ese Camino”

I’ve been listening to Julieta Venegas for years, and when I used to do my internship, I listened to one song on a loop with, a few others for a few months. But I want to share her latest album single from “Algo Sucede”, since it’s a pretty catchy song and it’s a pretty feel good song too. It’s not “hard as fuck”, but it’s still a good song I just listened to…while I was typing.


2. Disperse – “Enigma of Abode

Here is a band that I grew to really like since 2 years ago. They are a progressive metal band, but they have been placed in the Djent sub genre. What is Djent? Think of it as really hard sounding metal, just more complex in it’s sound, with a more progressive sound. Meshuggah can be thanked for people taking inspiration for the Djent movement. This song is everything I love about the rock I’m listening to now. I hope you enjoy this one.



3) Deftones – “When Girls Telephone Boys”

I was fortunate enough to go to my first concert featuring Deftones. I have been listening to them since the beginning of their career, but mostly when they released White Pony. They put on an amazing show that, pretty much took all of Incubus to catch up to them. The funny thing about Deftones is that, unlike most bands, they are almost genre-less. They are so diverse in their music, they could really fall on any. These guys aren’t new, but this song has been stuck on my head all day. So I hope you enjoy it! It’s freaking hard!



So I hope you join the challenge at this link here, add the link so it pings back to them, and they can see your suggestions.

Let me your suggestions as well, and maybe I can make a playlist so I can share it with all of you, and you guys can then share the playlist as well. I can make it a Collaborative Playlist, so you guys can add songs you like to share with all.

Leave suggestions for topics in Contact Me! Please! 😛



  1. Chas Rad · November 18, 2015

    This inspires me to write a similar post. Maybe I will try my hand at it next Monday. I’ll give these a listen now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fico · November 18, 2015

      Enjoy the smoothing sounds of metal and Spanish music 😉


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