My First Day in Diamond City


I can officially call this Hell. Everywhere I go and every one I see, I want to kill with fire. Why is it, that this Wasteland, this…Commonwealth, wants to kills me? I go to a settlement, raiders are there to shoot at me with laser muskets and, break my face with a bottle of gasoline with a piece of cloth, lit up, so that it breaks and burns my face at the same time. I go to an abandoned Mr. Rusty factory to find parts for my guns, and a Protectron I re-program to help me deal with Rad Roaches, starts asking me for subway tickets. The FUCKING ROBOT THINKS IT’S A SUBWAY BOT!

I said to Hell with it. If one more thing happens today, I’m going to take my life. I’ll go to the nearest Super Mutant settlement and tell them to, either eat me or blow me up. But then I stumbled on something interesting. And within those interesting pages of the Wasteland Survival guide I found, tucked away in a woman’s pants after I shoot her in the head (she was the last one that died from my last raider attack; I don’t like harming women). This guide is a revised edition for the Commonwealth, and it speaks of Diamond City. A impenetrable fortress, protected by guards, offering goods, and people that will not shoot me. So I took off, I wasn’t far off, since I was in the rumble left of what someone, told me this was downtown Boston.

So I made it within a block, and then Super Mutants show up. I said I would let them kill me, if I WANTED THEM TO. But since I don’t want to die today anymore, I fight them. I have one more fragmentation grenade, and a few rifles rounds. I plug a round into the first one, and he goes down; while his friend, Dr. Bingles (I name the Super Mutants I kill off), throw a wrench the size of a door. I dodge it, and my companion Mr. Rusty, Dante, manages to flame him to death. I think he loves to burn things, so I always keep him outside. After Boing and Mr. Bingles are dead, I find Diamond City; and there she is. Some broad with a hat and a coat, asking to be allowed back in. She tells me, “Hey mister…I was waiting for you and the resources for the city.” She whispers; “Play along.” The massive gate opens and I’m there, greated by the Mayor and some guards.

This lady, Piper, got into some shit for writing some nonsense about, an “Institute”. I didn’t care, I just wanted water, a bed, and some Fried Iguana on a Stick. So after a formal greeting, Piper was nice enough to let me in. So she walked me there, and there it was, a massive influx of people, with businesses, shops, janitor duties, a chapel to my right, and her newspaper to her left, Public Occurrences. I asked her if I could sleep for the day and she didn’t object, although she wanted an interview from me; I am a Vault Dweller after all, and these people would like, a little more hope from me. I told her I would think about it.

The day ends, I wake up at, maybe 7:00am, and for some reason, everyone is up. EVERYONE! Too early. The clanking of footsteps at Piper’s newspaper were loud bangs in my ear. I wanted to chop her feet off, but that is rude and uncivilized. I only do that to Raiders. After an hour I step out and me the preacher from the chapel across me. I am not a believer, I told him, but he is cool. Told me the bad days were behind him. So I asked him more about Diamond City and this Institute. He told me they were the Boogeymen. The Ghosts. The Spirit that wants to take you, and no one ever finds you. Synthetics human-like robots that, take you for some reason, and you are never found. I told him I would be careful, since I’ve taken a few Synths already.

Nine o’ clock hits and I go get me some breakfast noodles, from a Japanese speaking Protectron. I am not shitting you. Ten hits, and I’m done with my 3rd bowl of noodles. I walk towards Piper and ask her, to show me around the city. It’s time to meet the locals, she says. I meet a few people that were, just settlers and they seem, on edge. Must be the spooky Institute Boogeyman bullshit they are being fed. But they tell me people really are, disappearing. So this Boogeyman can really make people vanish, so it would be wise to learn more.

11 o’clock arrives and the Mayor addresses the crowd. Seems the newspaper accused him of, being one of the Synths. Piper being out of the city, not allowed to come in, suddenly makes sense now. He told people that, he is not one of them, and he was 100% human. Like a politician, he speaks with loud booming words, like trust and compassion, and the “how much I helped you all this time” speech. After that speech, I stepped away and started going to the shops. Weapons, armor, food, medicine, the works.

Took me 2 hours to talk with everyone in the shops, but I stepped away to see this, ugly trailer with a large antenna, on top of it. The door reads “Diamond City Radio”. This was where that, social reject Travis works? The guy that, is the worse DJ in the history of post apocalyptic radio broadcasting. He was just this kid, that wouldn’t look up to me, or even say much. Mumbling, and stuttering, this was a pathetic man. Why was he the DJ of a radio station that can be heard all over the Wastes? Music is great. But he is not.

I went to do some errands, just outside of the city. Some guy that was, trying to paint The Wall, needed green paint. Something about this Wall was, sacred and how it was the main defense against the Mutant menace. So being the nice guy I am, I took my robot and Piper to Hardware Town. She showed me where it was, and we raided the place. Turns out this place is just a Raider hangout, so taking them out was not something I would feel bad about. Piper is an good shooter with her pistol. Pistol Packing Momma indeed. So we didn’t find the paint, but did find yellow and blue paint; and a paint mixer. Making green paint now, aren’t we? So after what seemed an eternity, the paint machine does it’s job, and we got green paint. An hour of walking, and not running into threats, we arrive with some more ammo, and a few weapons as well; because why should paint be the only thing we bring back, come on!

At 5 PM, the painter invited the three of us to dinner at the Diner-thing they had there, and we talked more about this…Institute. There was an incident that lead what was thought to be a long time resident, kill a bunch of people for no reason. Described funny twitching before it, kind of like what a robot does, when they are malfunctioning. This has lead the city to be more cautious with who they deal with, and I can’t say I blame them. We spend 2 hours talking about this, and other places in the Wastes to investigate, as well as leading me to a detective that, could help me with my…problem.

He is missing, says the pretty secretary that has already given up on him. That is what people tend to do when someone disappears. No one can find you if they take you, she says. I tell her that, I will find him; I need him. So she tells me to go to GoodNeighbor; a place filled with outlaws and killers and you will find him. I say I will bring him back, so keep the light on the office, because your boss is coming back.

I go to sleep no long after asking Piper to go to Sanctuary Hills; the settlement I came from. They might need her help, and also, she would like some writing material for her next article. Life In Hell, she calls it. And she said she would instead, help me find this dude, Valentine. The detective. The link to the Institute. What will I find? Are they real? Why kidnap folks? And will tomorrow be a better day? I sure as fuck, hope so. Good night folks.

Signing off.

This is another story inspired, loosely on my campaign from Fallout 4. The story in the game, is 100% better :P. Let me know what you guys think, and also tell me what you guys would do if you were in a wasteland like, the one in Fallout 4.

Leave suggestions in the Contact Me section in the Sidebar, and let me know what you guys think I should talk about the next time.

Take care guys!




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