My Unnamed Gaming Music #1


As Blogging 101 has come to an end, I’m a little sad, but from there, I have learned that the key to blogging is to show people what you feel, but also make yourself as a blogger, have things to offer. Well as part of the features I asked if you guys wanted, I am offering a Music Monday every single Tuesday (of course not, it’s on Monday :P).

I will be offering music from video games, and also, music from creators that are, inspired by some of the most under appreciated music ever. Video game music is a medium that is never looked at, as something that is part of the main stream. For some reason, it’s never looked at as being real music because, it’s part of video games and well…that isn’t something for adults, right? No kiddies, video game music has gotten so big in terms of composition, structure, creativity and well, mixture of genres.

Today on the 1st post for My Still Unnamed Gaming Music Monday (more on that later), I will feature music from one of my favorite games now, League of Legends. Every time a new champion has been released, they have equally done an amazing theme for each one. And I will be featuring songs from the login screens, as well as music from the game. So I hope you like the suggestions.


  1. Kindred, The Eternal Hunters – Login Theme 

This is my favorite theme of any champion so far. Kindred is Death; Lamb and Wolf represent the mercy and harshness of death; and what better for them than a theme with cellos and pianos playing a hypnotic, eerie and almost ghastly song that, you can imagine hearing when you are about to die in your last moments alive. Whether it’s from a mercy arrow from Lamb or a agonizing last moment from Wolf, the song is amazing.

2. Worlds Collide – 2015 World Championship (ft. Nicki Taylor)

Every year at the end of the season of the League Championship Series, the 2 top teams in the world meet in the final of Worlds. This is the mac daddy of League tournaments; mostly because teams from the whole world will take against each other and Korea dominates every stinking year. SKT Telecom T1 won thanks to their mid laner Faker and their top lane monster, MaRin. And this was the theme for the entire tournament; the game is so big, that Imagine Dragons wrote an original song just for last year’s Worlds. Speaking of which…

3. Warriors – 2014 World Championship (Imagine Dragons)

Last year’s theme is my favorite Imagine Dragons song. The video is also kick ass as it tell the tale of a League of Legends player, that is trying to get to the top, and is failing. But in the video, it shows him making it to Worlds. Samsung White dominate Worlds 2014 and took Star Horn Royal Club to the cleaners; and Star Horn is amazing! Imagine Dragons seem to be fans of the game, so they created a song as the theme for Worlds 2014. I don’t know whether Riot Games reached out to them or they offered to do it; but who cares! The song is amazing!

4. League of Legends Music: Bit Rush

Skins are a thing in LoL, and some champions have gotten arcade skins and they each have their own sound effects, and make reference to retro video games. Sona, Riven, Miss Forture, Blitzcrank and Veigar have gotten each their own; and since Riven is a fan favorite they also changed the login screen and made this chip tune song from the heavens.

5. Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time – Login Screen

Industrial music time traveling tones make this freaking track amazing. Ekko is a time traveler, and his moveset revolves around slowing things done, rewinding and then killing. This rock track mixes with electronic tones and a very grimmy industrial Nine Inch Nails-like tone make this song very good to bang your heads. The piano gets me every time.

6. League of Legends Music: Get Jinxed

Jinx, the Loose Cannon, is chaos. Pure, unfiltered chaos and she is one of the favorites in League of Legends. So much so that, she get a song dedicated to her, and her own video. Tons of cosplayers have donned her as a costume, and many AD Carries have used Jinx as their main champion. If you are a TSM fan, expect DoubleLift to be using her a lot. In the meantime, enjoy this track and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


I’m stopping at six songs, but I might revisit League of Legends again on a later date. Tons of music and this is all just, from the freaking login screens. Let me know which of these six tracks is your favorite. Tell me why, and also, suggest to me what other song from the game you like. Also offer suggestions about the post; more songs? More information? Less? Bananas? Let me know! This feature still doesn’t have a name, but if you have suggestions, throw them at a private message or leave them in a comment.

And also let me know what you guys want to see in these blogs at the Contact Me section. Take care guys!



  1. loudfeedback · November 23, 2015

    It’s clear you actually put some thought and effort into your posts, so kudos! You also have a unique angle, choosing a focus rather than just blogging about life in general. I like that, it makes for a much more interesting blog. BTW In my old band we used to jam theme music from Castlevania and MegaMan games in the bus on the way to the next show! Old school…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fico · November 23, 2015

      Ah man, those sound like awesome bus rides! Thank you so much for the awesome comment and I’m happy that you like my post. To be honest, I will be doing life posts as well, just to let people who read know, what is also happening to me as well. But I love games! And I want to share what I feel about them as well. But I appreciate the feedback and I will be keeping the posts about gaming coming ;). That was my original plan as well. But since learning about blogging from courses I’ve taken, it feels good to share other things as well.


  2. Vicktaru · November 23, 2015

    Keep it up! I’m glad you decided to go with video game music. They are two things that you love, and while there are a ton of video game blogs and ton of music blogs, this combination is a rarity.

    I think you could do very well with more in depth posts. Talk more about the music, about the games, and how the two work together. LoL is not a good example of this, but in most games the music has to match the scene, and there is magic in that mix. Talk about the instruments like you did in the first song of this post.

    I’m liking it, and I think I might start the Blogging 101 posts. Maybe I’ll do a sister blog about game writing?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fico · November 24, 2015

      Son, when you do, let me know. Thanks for the advice and I will definitely try my best to follow that as well. LoL isn’t a good example of a mix as others are, but what I was trying to do was find songs found in games, that I like. But that is a good idea, to talk about the games in depth, and the music as well. LoL has really only one song from when you play each mode, and it matches the scene, but the majority of the music that comes from it, is for the characters. And their login screens 😛


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