Cyber Space- A World Of Writers


When it comes to the Internet, the world is not functional without it. It’s too late now, kiddies! You can’t go back! Well you can go back if you want too, but sadly, the world is a different one now. Businesses have boomed to the point where, you cannot cut off a revenue stream, by cutting off the ability to do, eBusiness. In other words, you can function as a business just fine, or have a successful career doing something you like; but odds are that, without the Internet, your future would not be the same. Think about your favorite Website, maybe your favorite shopping site, and then, imagine if you cut out the Internet from it. No social-media site to communicate with them, or email to exchange information or ask for requests or a YouTube video channel to present anything. Heck, not even a blog to share with the world, a free blogging site like this one, to tell people about you or what you do.

What I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t matter if you grew up before the internet or during its conception, what matters is how you can use it now to make your life easier. -ClarissaG, An Offbeat Bluestocking

I know many of you that read this should be wondering this. But if not, I want you do imagine it…imagine not being able to blog, because it’s not here. The Internet…gone. Vanished without a trace, and not a single way out there, to share to the world what you want to say, except to maybe the people around you; that might not understand you or might be scared. You only want to share these thoughts with people, you think can relate to you, or perhaps to assist someone in need, with a situation similar to yours. Maybe you just want people to see your life in a written form, which can be accessed easily without fuss. I know many of you reading this would shiver to the thought of not having the Web. Not now; not anymore, not while the world has become so different thanks to it.

One of my first friends in WordPress was ClarissaG, a writer and host for An Offbeat Bluestocking. She is very talented in expression through words, and I can assure you that she would still be writing, but not having the ability to do it online, would be another experience. I will let her explain how; the Internet has developed her, into a writer.

The internet has been influential on my writing because it made it easier for my work to be seen by non-biased people who would give me their honest opinion on my work. -ClarissaG, An Offbeat Bluestocking

I personally have to thank the Internet for me having a medium of expression I didn’t know I did, decently. I know that, without it, I would still be reserved about what I wanted to say for a long time. People are not the easiest things to deal with, and talking personally about, yourself is very hard when they are looking at you. Afraid they might judge you, or the dreaded “what happened to you”. Now I wouldn’t call the Internet a “safe space” (and not this is not referring to the term you might have been hearing a lot lately). The Internet is a place for all to share what EVERYONE thinks. So how do I deal with the world when, it’s all in my social-media sites or on my YouTube, and I find things I don’t agree with? I can let them know how I think, but be respectful because a point can come across better when you are not insulting someone. I also just let those things go, because you can get caught up, making enemies or at least, annoying acquaintances that argue with you all the time. That leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth.

It’s affected my writing because, I know what I say will be seen by anyone that wants to express their opinions. If it’s a personal post, people will let you know what they feel; and at times, can counter with something of their own. When I type on the Net, I don’t do it always thinking of every single person. Doing that, will leave you with limited options, for fear of offending everyone you come in contact with. But I’m also mindful of other people’s beliefs and thoughts. I try not to generalize a bunch of people when, when I’m speaking of something that is part of a huge group, I don’t sound like I’m lumping people together. I’ve done this a few times, and since been corrected by individuals who thought, I was including in the conversation. I also try to avoid repeating what others are saying, since, many have expressed their opinions on it, and while you can add their opinions and expand on those, it’s wiser to also offer your thoughts.

I was encouraged to keep writing from the reviews I would get from fans of my stories thus gaining a rush of posting a new chapter that was just so fun and exciting for me. – ClarissaG, An Offbeat Bluestocking

It’s hard at first, to let people know how you feel, or find a place where you can feel safe in posting for maybe fear of mean comments or mean people. But the fears you face on the Net, are similar to the fears you can face IRL (in real life). In real life, not everyone is going to agree with you, or like what you write, or might even give you grief for thinking certain things. The trick is to let these things go, learn how to moderate in a way where you can weed out the obvious annoying people, and leave what you want people to see. I’m not saying censor the Heck out of your page, but offer an environment for people to want to be here. Unless you are in Reddit or 4Chan, where you can literally say whatever, and who cares.


It has a Coat of Arms. Scary…

You should also research, where you want to go on the Internet. Google is your best friend, but Reddit can also be a source for good, at times. Ask your friends as well, and also find avenues of expression you want to share your thoughts in. And lastly, don’t be scared. Be careful, yes, and also be aware of what you share and conscious as well, but don’t be afraid. The Internet has given us a lot of great forms of expression, and we use them to our advantage. Use them. Write your butt off, and share to the world. This could also lead to acquire new ways to write, new words to use and new friends to talk to, etc…

How has writing been influential to you, thanks to the Internet? Let me or Clarissa know on each of our blogs so we can share with you back. After all, that it’s why it is here, right? The Net is here to stay

I would like to thank, once again, Clarissa for being an awesome sport. I didn’t post everything she wrote, so keep an eye out for her collaboration post with me, and check out what else she thinks about the subject. This was an interesting project since, we don’t know each other personally, and we teamed up to share both our thoughts, with the world. Would not have been possible without the encouragement of our WordPress hosts for Writing 101. Cheri…you are awesome! Never change.



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  2. ClarissaG · November 26, 2015

    Yes, this was fun!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Chas Rad · November 26, 2015

    If I couldn’t blog, I’d be on the corner, standing on a soap box and blabber on about whatever I usually blog about on my blog. I think the world prefers me to stay on the internet.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fico · November 26, 2015

      I don’t know man, you could be interesting to listen to at that corner. 😉


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