This Is Not the End…It’s Only the Beginning

This is for the last day of Writing 101. Day 20. Sorry I’m late guys.

Writing 101 has been an interesting development for me on this past month. I find out from the get-go that, I was going to be laid off, and for some reason, I’m not bummed about it. Maybe it’s because I’ve had a tremendous amount of support and great people I’ve met over the last few weeks; with their ideas, inspirations, and even collaborations. I’ve had people quote my words; never in my life has that ever happened. And I even got nominated for a Blog Award, and I think that is pretty sweet. This Writing and Blogging 101 has been great; but Writing 101 has been were I’ve learned how to be more creative with my “voice”.

It’s hard to say goodbye, but I’ve met so many along the way, and I have gotten followers, that have offered suggestions, advice, kind words, and I thank them as well for following this little piece of Internet that is my blog. But what I take most from this is that I am capable of having a voice, other than the one I can hear. It’s the one I am reading as I type this, right now; trying to express not just gratitude, but a revelation that I really have love this development of myself for the last few weeks, and I will continue. In this post, I want to first highlight the course, mention my favorite assignments, and fill you in on what I’m going to be doing for December. So I hope you have some popcorn, because this read, is a bit of a long one 😉


My Thoughts on Writing 101

If there was one recurring thought I kept repeating over and over again, back when I started the course and even during the midpoint of this entire exercise was; I’m not even a writer. I don’t consider myself a writer, or at least, I would compare my writing to writing in books, or writers that have a more diverse vocabulary with ways to make rhymes with words I’ve never heard before. I guess this stems from the fact that I never really was much of a reader. It wasn’t something that was encouraged of me to do much, while I was growing up; and it seems that the trend has gotten less in the same way. I’ve attempted to read several books and have succeeded in doing so; by finishing book series from teen books, to reading books on science from time to time, in a book store (hey it’s progress). I have an issue where I read, I like it, but I still dose off; so maybe my game needs to change. Maybe when I get myself settled next year, I’ll get myself a Kindle and start building it. Point is; not having this enriched vocabulary is a bit of a limitation, but after the feedback that I have been receiving from readers, and people in charge of the course has said otherwise. Turns out that over the next few days, I have tapped more into my creativity for putting things down here, than I have ever done in my life. I consider myself a creative person; but without an idea, I just have a bunch of stuff in my brain going nowhere.

If that doesn’t say anything about the course, as a whole, nothing else does. Cheri and the team provided with a bunch of help for those who were extremely new to blogging; and encouragement to those that didn’t see much in their skill. She actually came out and said, and this is just paraphrasing; “You say you are not a writer; and then the very next thing you do is write”. There is more to that, and I am very grateful for her support and her course exercises. Really makes you stretch your brain.

Favorite Assignments

  • Why I Write (Day 1) – Right of the bat, it was already awesome. I took the most from the first assignment these 2 things: timing myself and beginning my expression. From this point, I was mainly just trying to highlight was I was hoping to achieve during this course. I said I wasn’t a writer, and yet, I wanted to let people know what writing meant to me and I did it. The timing process works great, because timing teaches about restraint. Sometimes you don’t want to go into a blabblefest and lose people. So I’ve done what I can to make my posts, as best as possible; without losing myself in my head as well. Not bad for a first day.
  • Write A List (Day 2) – Don’t worry I’m not writing all of them Simplenote was introduced here to me, as a good alternative to Evernote. It’s been great for getting ideas and jogging down thoughts to make into a post. It’s a little disorganized but I still dig it. If I get Evernote Premium again, I might switch. But also, the list was fun to make; and it might become a feature later down the road. It was a good chance to share more things about me as well. In a fun way. Everyone like lists!
  • A story in a single image (Day 4) – This one is another favorite, because this opened conversations more with other bloggers. ClarissaG and I exchanged many comments about the image; and what I thought it represented. I shared not much as a story, but more like a moment in life where, it can seem like you are going through a forest of adversities and personal barriers. I really enjoyed this exercise, a lot. And yes, it seems like I am listing them all, but it’s just because they all challenged me differently.
  • The Quote and I’m A Misfit (Day 5) – It seems that this post has been the most positively received post I’ve done, so far. I quoted Rob Siltanen from a quote site suggested by the team. And this one called out to me more than the others; it was one of the shortest posts I’ve done so far as well, but I think the reception was well though to the subject matter. I wanted to show a way to tell how my status in society, although a rather low one, was still an important one. Because people out of the “ordinary” break what is “normal”. I’ve gotten into the belief that normal is not an actual thing; because what is normal to some is not normal to others. But people like me, around my friends and family wasn’t as “normal” as they were. This was sort of my cry out to the normal people; that find it as a hobby or some weird obsession, to bring down what isn’t normal to them. And normal is boring :P. My friend Ann and I always nod in agreement when we get the weird looks, and we just…pity that they aren’t freaks like us :P. This is not bragging, by the way; I don’t even really think I’m that awesome for real.
  • Social-Media Inspiration (Day 7) – Who would have thought that Twitter, Facebook or any of your favorite ways to let the world know what is on your mind, would be a medium for inspiration. The one that I gravitated towards the most was EJ Koh’s tweet; and I explained why as well. I also learned how to add tweets into the posts, and here is a tip…bookmarks; every single tip you find in the Writing 101 and other places, save it for later. This is proof that, I might have something in me for this writing. Or maybe I just wanted to say things all along and didn’t know how? Hmmm…
  • The Wasteland Letter (Day 8) – This was so fun! I wanted to reinvent the letter in a fun and creative way, and since all I’ve been getting is Fallout 4 in my system, I have been having a blast making up stories about things in the Wasteland and the Commonwealth. This was something I’ve never done before, and I think it inspired me to do other things like this in the future. Perhaps other features? 😉
  • Satan’s Brewhouse Visit (Day 11) – I don’t like coffee; and I don’t know if this is a curse or a miracle. But for this exercise, I just wanted to take advantage of the controversy that was “brewing” 😛 😛 :P; at the time at least. It seems so silly now that a major corporation is after a holiday, because it seems like this is a topic that is as old as sin itself. The Starbucks “Controversy” was a great opportunity to describe to a friend I was meeting, at the place, and I thought; “Why don’t I just name what I’m drinking in many ways that remind me of the events taking place?” I really had a blast writing this thing, and I liked the comments that were left for me as well. Always appreciate comments.
  • Dookie! (Day 15) – I feel a little bittersweet about this one, because even if this is one of my favorite posts and the responses from it have been great; this wasn’t my idea. I wanted people to leave me messages from the Contact Me to offer suggestions and no one did. I was asking every day, and I could have done more to show them the link; but I would say go to the SideBar! But it’s OK, lesson learned and this post ended up being one of my favorites to write; because these moments are real to me, and back when I was a kid I didn’t have many happy memories. Music was always something that made me feel good, and this album made me bear with hard times. It’s weird because I often hear people say music doesn’t really save people; maybe not literally save you from the edge of despair, but no one can deny that the music you listen to is important. Maybe I can get this in a post…To SimpleNote!
  • Anecdotes (Day 18) – How do you deal with a term you are not familiar with, and then you have to write something using them? I’m still not sure if what I did was right, but it still felt really good doing a short story like that. Gaming frustrations are a normal part of playing them, and I found that, they tend to follow you in whatever game you play. Since Fallout 4 was the game I was playing the most at this time, I wanted to share just a morsel of the moments that made me rage…and die.
  • ClarissaG/Fico Internet Tag Team Challenge (Day 19) – I have never collaborated to do anything with anyone on the Internet. And it’s really interesting that, things can be done and many words can be written; combining forces with total strangers. It’s fun and I might have been a bit too over excited and maybe might have bothered ClarissaG a bit (sorry about that); but I do like the end result of both. It was an interesting experiment and it worked. I wanted to get more of a perspective from someone that did a lot more writing than I did and show how it would make a difference with the existence of the Internet. And I feel the points were made, and this collaboration worked out. Thank you again, ClarissaG!


I end this post with my December plans. December is going to be an interesting month, since I’m basically on damage control for my job status. I would need to dedicate time into looking for interviews and also, I am traveling at the near end of the year, and that will basically limit me somewhat for posting. Don’t worry, because I will be coming up with ideas on posts what will go up during that time, and I will still be able to respond. Plans will include:

  1. More Gaming Music posts
  2. More game related content
  3. Still share my videos here
  4. Lists! Lists I tell you!
  5. Creative writing
  6. Personal posts for the weekend
  7. Much more…leave suggestions!!!!!

Well Writing 101 crew, this was an awesome experience, and this post is already at TWO THOUSAND WORDS! Also, happy to see the Word Count at the bottom once more; I drove Cheri insane with it, so I’m sorry. I used WP Admin and OpenOffice for it as well as GoogleDocs and Microsoft Word. I had a really great time, and I signed up for the next one as well, but I am not so confident I will be able to participate much. My future is in my hands and I need to get moving. So I will do my best to continue to post, as much as I can, this next coming month.

Keep posting, keep writing, and never hold back. No one is going to hurt you here; because this is a place of ideas, and a sanctuary for the misfits ;). Take care, everyone.

Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind. -Virginia Woolf…thanks GoodReads ;). 



  1. prachymohan · November 30, 2015

    I felt the same way that “I’m not a writer”! But I enjoyed this post of yours 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fico · November 30, 2015

      Thank you! I’m happy you liked it.


  2. petitewise · December 1, 2015

    Keep writing, Fico! Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words consistently spoken, and I look forward to reading more of your posts. You’re one of the most genuine and likeable people I’ve come across here so far.
    I wish you the best of luck on the job search/damage control! Writing is amazing, but sometimes reality kicks us in the butt sometimes. Kick it back!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fico · December 2, 2015

      Hehehe! Thank you. I appreciate the words of encouragement, and I will definitely continue to write as often as I can. Reality definitely has a way to remind you that it’s here and, you need to watch out for it. Today I found out that I won’t be getting my severance until a full 30 days after I finish working. That left me panicking since, my savings aren’t that good. But I’m calm now, and already applying to jobs anywhere I can. Writing is also very therapeutic, since pouring what you feel from inside, into somewhere else…actually releases your inner frustrations. Thanks for all the support and I also look forward to your future writings ;).


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