Poetry. Why Did It Had To Be Poetry

And the whole world, went to shit. -Seth Andrews

Well guys, I am back to do stuff in Writing 101. Or maybe it’s Writing 201 now. But here is a problem. I might have made a mistake. And hear me out because, I am sure that I won’t be doing this 2 week course too well. 

The course is about poetry. Poetry. If there is something that I am sure of that, I am not good at is poems. I get ugly flashbacks from elementary school where I was forced to memorize poems, unsuccessfully. I remember what I said about my lack of a vocabulary for writing. And I was able to get past it thanks to the community and the confidence I have for it. 

I am not confident with this poetry course. I am hoping for the best, but I know that I will struggle, unless I can somehow get instruction and well, tips and other things along the way. They said there would be some information and it doesn’t have to be so formal with the rules of poetry. I don’t know these rules either. 

If any of my followers would like to offer some advice or tips to get into the right state of mind for this…please share. I am going to try my best. But you might not like it. 😛



  1. ClarissaG · December 7, 2015

    Oh, you signed up for the Writing 1o1 class,Fico? Me too! No worries, the good thing about poetry is that you don’t have to have a structure or rhyming scheme as long as that is your intent. You can write just about anything! But, if you have any questions feel free to ask me, I’d be glad to help. Good luck with the course!

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    • Fico · December 8, 2015

      Thank you Clarissa! I guess maybe for starters is how to get into the mindset of writing poetry. Do you just hack at it like you were writing normally? Or do you do something different when you do poems; than when you write blogs or posts your other things?


      • ClarissaG · December 8, 2015

        I think the thing I do differently is putting more thought into the words I use. Something I like about poetry is that you can either use simple vocabulary or add in some fancy, lyrical sounding words. Because of this it takes a bit longer to write a poem but once you get in the groove of it, it’s easier to do.

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      • Fico · December 8, 2015

        I felt that today. I went to have lunch and I just…took out my notebook and wrote my Day 1 and 2 “poems”. There is absolutely no rhyme scheme. But I didn’t mind. It was what I felt when I was writing the 2 topics given. I will post them both later tonight.

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      • ClarissaG · December 8, 2015

        Wonderful I can’t wait to read them. I forgot to mention that if you want, researching types of poems like haikus or sonnets also help when writing out your poetry.

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      • Fico · December 9, 2015

        Thank you for that, Clarissa 🙂


      • ClarissaG · December 9, 2015

        You’re welcome!

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  2. macbofisbil · December 8, 2015

    I’ve gotten a lot of experience with poetry during the time I’ve been blogging. I took a couple of courses and they were actually quite fun. Most of the forms of poetry I learned in the course I will hardly ever use on a daily basis (some are obscure) but I have found some ways to put more variety into my writing. You don’t have to be perfect at poetry, just write from the heart – or mind or whatever.

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    • Fico · December 8, 2015

      The trick I think it’s that I’ve never expressed myself in a poetic way. And I guess I’m just scared or a little nervous that I will make a fool of myself. But I will take that to heart and give it a shot. Thank you 🙂

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