Free Spirit, Beloved Universe

Two hearts, each with their own beats
While together, they each make the quiet become obliterated.
But each are still individual. Independent.

How does one heart overtake one riding on it’s own lane?
It’s like driving with a passenger,
only they are on a separate journey. Together.
And yet…Why does one feel like it’s losing the other?

Independence and free spirit…but you are with me.
Beloved creature from the wilds.
You chose me? I am not your beloved nature, with
Four majestic seasons of outer magnificence.

So I asked her and she laughed.
And I replied, Am I not your cage?
And she, passionately, kissed me on the lips.
“Mother Nature is my home. You are my universe.”

“My beloved universe.”

Beloved was the theme of the Day 7 poem. I made it into the perspective of a couple where one half was a wild child of the world, and loves freedom and independence. The other, feels guilt because she is not the same when she is with him, or her. And she gives the “cage”, the reminder that the relationship is not a prison sentence, but an experience of truth, passion, love and acceptance.

I hope this is one that you all like and if you have any opinions about this, let me know down at the comments. Take care, my beloved readers. 🙂



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