The Truth Owned by Authority

Disclaimer- This is an exercise to do my Day 6 Poem using the term, Fallacy. This is merely an opinion and not meant to attack any individuals in particular. Please keep this in mind.

The word has been passed down from generation to generation
and we are taught this from childhood until we grow and believe it.
And why is that? Adults teach child, child grows knowing the whispers and prayers chanted by human beings that can speak and think better than an immature mind starting life. How could those young souls know?

Their information is brought from a book, written by men, and claimed divine.
And this is what it true. But why?
Why must this be the way of things to be, with no evidence. No hope to known one hundred percent. Should we just take these things on faith. 

And guide our lives in a map of confusion. A road with no compass. 

This is similar to getting lost and counting on wood spirits to help you find the path. But why won’t this work? Adults told me this was true. 
These human beings with the word “doctor” in their names, how can they preach and be wrong? 
And lead me to a life of self hatred, of ignorance, of denial and of petty arrogance against others.

Claim salvation from mere belief, but they are the beliefs only passed from words of men claimed of authority. 
Knowledge of the absolute truth is only something learned from authorities older than I. 
But what happens when they are challenged? Proof of their claims?
They claim they are right, because they believe it to be true. So it must be.

No more of this nonsense. Lack of evidence is not evidence.
Belief in spirits and magic do not assist in the fabric of reality,
and men and women how hold authority do not sway me. 
You are an expert of your field? Then show what you can bring, and not echo the voices that came behind you, and say they say it’s so, so I say it’s so. 

NO! No more appealing to your authority!
No more lies! No more deception!
Let’s get going…and bring on the truth. 
Reality is wonderful…don’t let this go by.

I decided to go with the appeal to authority fallacy as inspiration to make this poem. It feels more like a rant, but like I said; this is not meant to attack individuals, but ideas. And if you feel offended about this, please understand this is only a fraction of what I think, and I am not going to stop being a good person if you hold a belief I do not share. We are all human, and we are all equal in each other’s eyes.

Please let me know what you guys think and if you have anything you want to share, please tell me. Take care guys.

I’m sorry I’ve not been updating recently but I will post later to share what I’ve been going through. See ya!




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