Walls Bleeding Colors


In this Thursday, June 30, 2011 photo, a graffiti covered wall is shown in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami. Once derided as vandalism, graffiti in the form of artistic murals has become an accepted art form in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood. Now visitors can take a two-hour tour by Vespa of the area’s best graffiti. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

The madness of the walls that were once white and naked, are no more.
Vandals have taken their purity and scorched them with disorder.
Where is the comfort of the wall? My mind is not at ease anymore.
And must be stopped…arrest those hooligans of anarchy.

Oh wait…you want your boring, emotionless, absent of expression, devoid of any life; back?
Do you want your life to go back to the safe feeling. 
Lacking the knowledge of hooligans out there, making your feelings be bent into a million pieces. Should I also stop breathing in fear that your oxygen is being invaded? 

I’m sorry, is that art? That ghastly gangster hip hop bullcrap will never hang in the walls of where art truly belongs.
Why do people like this? The heavens would never allow gangbangers with no lives of their own, to grace the halls of true geniuses of expression. 
They don’t share our world, they don’t belong.
I won’t allow them to enter these sacred halls of artistry as long as life breathes in my lungs.

The heart of an artist has no bounds, not restrictions, and not rules to hold them apart.
A gallery cannot house you, because your art is not of their kind.
A man or woman walks the street and sees it as filth which is part of a life in shambles.
And the artists are not anarchistic misfits that want to bring a world, pain and suffering.
They are all and none, one in the same. They are here to show you a world.
Their world.
They won’t stop because you hold them down. Instead, allow them to give your dead city a personality.
And you will be rewarded with expressions you have never seen. 

The walls should be filled with colors and not emptiness. 
Allow these rebels to become part of the world. 
It’s filled too much with restrictions. 
Get halted in the process of normality. 
And look at the walls bleeding the colors of art.

Graffiti has gone insane as of the last few years. Bansky is just one of the many artists that are now making a living of something was considered a disturbance. A public annoyance that needed to be stopped to protect, God knows what. I am in full support of this art form, and if you guys have anything to share, let me know down below.

Take care, everyone.




  1. calmkate · December 17, 2015

    Nice poem and really appreciate the magnificent creation you attached with it .. your work?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fico · December 17, 2015

      I wish :). I was trying to find some graffiti that was a bit more modern and not the scribbling your name over other names deal.


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