DailyPost Weekend- Un/Faithful

Un/Faithful is the Daily Post of today and I figured, while I’m still on vacation, I wanted to throw my two cents on what I felt about this prompt. This is a very delicate subject for some and for others is a bit of a struggle. The truth is that, as a gamer, I’ve found many joys in people that share my passions. However, with other things that I used to be related to other people, like religion, it’s something that I am apart from people. It’s funny because I’m typing on my Mom’s laptop, and she doesn’t know. At least I haven’t told her. My entire family are devout Catholics and I used to be one, but it’s been some time that I have been either active, interested, or even subscribed to this idea.

I’ve been an non-believer for the last 2 years officially, but I think I haven’t been this way for many years. Mainly because, the idea they suggest is all something that I never bought. I realized, that it wasn’t a lack of understanding, but it was a lack of belief. I was taught science also at my private school and it was a very religious environment. Even as I type this, I’ve had conversations with many of my family members that have gone with things like God this, or thank God for that. They really do take an unproven concept as something that has taken the form of a life force that controls their lives.

Sadly, they don’t see the potential of what they can do as a species that has come to moments where, they strive and struggle and go through problems; but none of that matters because all of it is because of God. If things are terrible, God is responsible so that you make it past the other side. If things are great, then things are because of him because praise him for all good things are his doing and nothing to do with a person’s blood, sweat, and tears. I find that almost nauseating; but I know they mean well. They know nothing else besides the life with faith. They put themselves in a higher power, that is simply not there. And yes, I don’t believe that a deity such as that is impossible; but then again, that isn’t saying much in light of how this deity cannot be proven or disproved. It’s a man made concept, and has no truth in it. And that is why faith is not something I take in stride.

I know that we want to think things happen for a reason, and you are right when sometimes the cosmos do seem to line up to your position. But all that is things of not just your doing, but things are of others’ doings. Life is a powerful force which is not only huge in it’s scope, it’s also real. And that is why I have come to my conclusions when it comes to the aspects of fate, chance and also unseen forces; and it is that I do not believe in them. We are in control of our lives and we are more precious than some fiction concept that is in my opinion, evil. But that is just me.

That is just my opinion, and I know that it is an incendiary position, but I feel we are hear to share what we each think of certain things. I hope you guys can understand and respect that. Let me know what you guys think. Take care guys! Happy Holidays!




  1. Joana Salazar · December 27, 2015

    I get your point though but I am a strong believer that there is really a higher power which science can’t explain which is God. I think people believe because they want to have something to hold on to and also to have a stronger path to where they wanted to go. Believing in nothing will make you feel kinda lost. But whatever you believe in that’s your choice and it’s your life 🙂

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    • Fico · December 27, 2015

      I agree. People do hold onto something in order to feel a purpose in life and not having that can make it feel lost. But I do believe in the human species, progress, and also many other thing. It’s a little misconception that non believers don’t believe in anything; I just don’t believe in this higher power. But I’m happy that you understand and agree that each have their lives and choices. And I respect you and will not be mean to you at all. Generally that is usually the case. Thank you for sharing this with me.


  2. handikwani02 · December 27, 2015

    For me having a belief in a deity is not imposed on any one, it is free choice to have a faith or not to have it. That is what makes faith special no-one is judged for what they believe.I like your honesty about where you stand and that is alright.

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    • Fico · December 28, 2015

      Thank you so much. It’s been a bit of a journey and I’m still learning. Good thing is that with life is that you never stop learning. And I generally don’t have issues with the people either. Sadly, many aren’t given that choice. Kids in particular. But thanks for sharing. Dialogue about this is never a bad thing 😉

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    • Fico · December 28, 2015

      Why thank you! 😉 I’m happy to have given you inspiration.


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