2016 is Here!

Good morning guys and girls! A new year has just started. As I type, there has only been 9 hours of 2016, so I’m feeling pretty optimistic so far. I know that as of right now, I am officially unemployed, but I still have time here with my family, and I will worry about that when I go home; where I will put this into overdrive and lose sleep if I have to, until I score my job. But enough about the future for me, how about the future for you guys?

I’ve been hearing a ton of things about resolutions, and how you shouldn’t make them since, it’s something that tends to be broken rather quickly. But I think it’s because most of those resolutions are pretty generic, and you can start them any time during the year, and the urgency for some, like for those that want to lose weight; it’s something of great concern as of yet. But then again, there is also the pressure of not doing it from the get-go and then falling for the “if I don’t start now, I will never do it”. Motivation is the key to do something you want to do at first, and persistence is the key to keep doing it nonstop. And while I do not have resolutions for the moment, I do have goals. I am hoping that these goals will be meet or at least be on their way so, I will list today the top five things I want to accomplish in 2016.

1- Getting The Better Job If Possible

I will need a job, regardless. And I will need to do whatever I can to get the money I need to keep being efficient. But if it is at all, possible to land my job, in order to springboard to an even better position or a higher paying job; or even the job I really want, then I hope it happens this year. At the very least, I would like to know what would be the better job, and start preparing for it better.

2- Getting A Next Gen Console

Yes folks, I have spent the later half of last year making posts that are non-gaming related, and I figured I would make a mention of one thing on this list. Now this one is really unlikely because it seems that next year there are things that might keep me from getting either an Xbox One, a Playstation 4, or a Nitnendo WiiU. I still don’t have any of them and sadly, I’m not playing console games either. I’ve done the majority of my playing on PC and on my 3DS; and I haven’t found myself wanting either of these three consoles. Now I do think that, eventually I will need one since, I want to talk more about consoles on the channel as well, but the expense to me isn’t justified yet. So I hope 2016 brings more games in which I can get one of these.

3- Move

Part of next year is about saving money so I can actually have savings and plan for the future. Having the job isn’t going to be enough. I need to pinch with whatever I can and save in each corner. The biggest money spender for sure is my rent for my apartment; which each year has gone up with diminishing returns. The price I’m paying doesn’t justify it anymore. I like where I live and it’s been great for my punctuality; but I don’t really need to be punctual anymore until I get my next job. And having to pay less rent by finding a cheaper place would be the way to go. It will be a project and for now it is quite uncertain as to where, but I would need some things to happen in other for me to move. But I do know I need to move. I cannot renew again, only to see my rent go up again, and then not be able to save money.

4- Make More Videos/Blogs/Drawings

This one I’m doing right now. I have a video on the pipeline and drawing has come to a stop, sadly. I was hoping to get back to taking art classes this year, but this year will more likely be a bit difficult for me. But it doesn’t mean I can’t practice and improve; YouTube has been an excellent resource and I have a few art books I can take inspiration from. As for the channel, I want to make this a thing. This can get me money if I try my hardest this year. Last year was the year of uploading more stuff; but this year needs to be the year of focus, consistency, and better quality. I don’t do it for the money; but getting paid for it wouldn’t be a bad thing, hehe.

5- Make Another Trip

The most unlikely event to happen is me traveling anywhere. This year is the year of working, saving, and holding my wallet. And I know that a trip is a very hard thing to do when you are trying to adjust to new things. I would need the job to make money of course, and while I have enough to hold and more coming for later, I need to focus on improving myself first before I can take myself on another trip. This trip I’m on is still going and it is the longest I’ve taken; so I have taken enough time as it is once it’s over. There will be time for later trips down the road so I’m not stressing. But if there was a chance for another trip? I would totally take it.


So what are your goals for 2016? Are there things you want to see? Places you want to visit? Or things you want to learn or try? Well it’s only Day 001 and you have 364 and a half days to get on it. Take care guys! Happy New Year!



  1. Chas Rad · January 2, 2016

    Watched your video. You’re right about a lot of stuff with the games. I would comment there on YouTube, but I don’t wanna convert my account. Happy New Year, Fico!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fico · January 4, 2016

      Thank you sir! I don’t think you have to anymore. I heard some time ago that Google was pulling G+ out of it’s platform and leave it stand alone. But I don’t know it it’s already happened or going to happen. Check it out. And thanks for the comment 🙂


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