3 Days Down Already!

It’s really cool that we are already 3 days into the year. We started a new year on Friday and now it’s Monday. For many it means that, they might be going back to the grind, back to doing what they either love or hate to get paid, and for some; they are still enjoying their extended vacation and they are trying to enjoy themselves as best as possible before returning to their lives.

And for and this is a new day. The next January 4th could be better or worse than this one, but remember; there is a January 5, and a February, and what happens one day is not the determination of how things are going to be.

I will be back later to do my Gaming Music Monday. I have no clue what I’m making it about, and I won’t guarantee it will be today. But if you guys have opinions about what I just mentioned above, let me know down below and also leave suggestions of things to talk about from the Contact Me. Take care guys!




  1. Chas Rad · January 4, 2016

    A wise cat once told me “Remember, bad days are days that are just bad.”

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    • Fico · January 5, 2016

      Indeed sir. This is a wise cat. This cat must be given praise.


  2. ClarissaG · January 5, 2016

    Happy New Year, Fico! Hope it’s going well for you. Glad to see you back!

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    • Fico · January 5, 2016

      Not exactly back home, but I’m still having a really good time. And also I wanted to keep the momentum going. Definitely wanted to share what I felt of the year so far. Hope you are doing well also 😉


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