DreamTheater, YouTube and Job Search

Hey guys, it’s been a little bit again, but as I said, I’m still doing job searching, but the good news is that I’m getting job interviews and I have one big one next week, so I’m hoping for the best. As for what else I’ve been up to, I have a few videos to share with you guys.

YouTube Videos

I little more details about my job searching and also some opinions about the recent censorship bullcrap that took place, over at Capcom with Street Fighter 5. It’s seems like a really stupid thing to do just to make some stupid people that, don’t place video games, happy. But that is just me.

This one is pretty sad, and not because of the decision, but the reason he decided to do it. TotalBiscuit, is a really popular PC Gaming YouTuber and has been active for many years, and he has made his career in being one of the best. Unfortunately, he is going through one of his more toughest battles…cancer. And sadly, the cancer is winning since, it is inoperable and there is a strong chance, that he will not make it after a few years. But if that wasn’t bad enough, social-media has taken his sanity and he decided to leave. The SoundCloud post is on the description of the video so you can get the full context. I made a video leaving my opinions about this whole thing.

The Astonishing

And if things were looking a little down, well then don’t worry because the new Dream Theater album, The Astonishing, is here. Right now! I’m listening to it as I type and this is musically amazing in every way. This is the Dream Theater I remember falling in love with, but it’s gone through some amazing changes. Hearing different elements like horns and more background singers as well. This is a concept album I have been waiting for a long time for them to do. This is the best I’ve heard them in a while. I will leave the playlist here so you guys can listen to it. You have 2 hours to spare, listen to it. You will not regret it.



I will leave you guys here for the moment. I’m sorry again for not posting, but I think I can adjust as soon as I get a break to write a little bit in order to make further posts and share them later. I leave you guys with a question…What are your thoughts about social-media? And do you think it is capable of driving people crazy and stressed to the point of therapy, or is this grossly exaggerated? My opinions are in the video above. Take care guys!


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