The Terror only One Hour Away

I woke up this morning to find out that my state, is now the home of the most deadliest mass shooting in American History. 50 people dead. In a nightclub in Orlando; a gay nightclub. Said it was fulled by two gays kissing, and then suddenly all Hell broke loose. And here we are again; another year with more deaths and now another mass shooting, worse than the ones before. In a place where it was suppose to be a place for solidarity, for people who are still being treated as sub human, so have fun. To be happy and to also enjoy life; but obviously some people can’t have that in their lives, so they decide to do the opposite, and cause a massacre, that achieves nothing. All it did was take peoples’ lives and bring a state of terror into the hearts of people that didn’t deserve it. Whether this was a terrorist attack or just some fuckwad that hated gays and wanted to wipe out as many as he could, it doesn’t matter.

Some time ago I spoke about the Paris attacks, and I felt sick because of them. And now, a city where I live only an hour away from, was taken over by press, and the whole world is now watching as we continue to get nothing but bad news. And I’m sick to think that some religious fuckshit will say that, this is God’s work and that this is the proof that homosexuality is not welcomed and that they need to find their way. And if that were to happen, I hope he or she is ran out of where they live and in fear for their lives, so they can see what it feels to be hated and targeted.

I feel even more sick this happened, as I know that what will come from this is more talking about guns, and restrictions, when in reality, this issue is more than that. And I hate that this will happen again, and again and again; nothing will stop this from happening unless there is an actual change to the norm, a shift in life that causes things like this to never happen again. Of course, this is delusions from an optimist that hopes this never happens again, but it happens every year, all year around.

I will be going to Orlando 2 times in the next few weeks, and nothing like this event will stop me. No act of cowardice or hatred or intolerance will keep me from making these 2 trips as, I’m not fucking scared. I can’t stop living because something like this happened, and to tell you the truth, no one else should stop living either. Life needs to keep going on, but I do always hope that things always get better. Silly? Well it’s just the optimist in me that wants a better world.

Until then, be safe guys!

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