I don’t know why I felt like posting here really. I guess it’s because I have considered this page to be an extension of me, with my thoughts to be more available to those who, want to understand me in a better light. As with a heavy heart, I am here to talk about loss, of a friend, which I knew from not that long ago, from work, and became one of the most awesome human beings I’ve known.

I met my friend Al at my old job, and from there, I started to realize that this guy was an awesome man. The dude was so freaking funny, but at the same time, a gentle soul and a good man overall. He was also a dad, a husband, and I cannot imagine what suffering must his immediate family must be going through at this moment.

I think the reason I wanted to share a few words here is, because Beezy was a man, with a finite time on this Earth. As I am, and as you are, and as the people running this platform and as the people that designed crafted words into paper, screen, or e-book reader. We are not destined to end; we are all going to end. It is a certainty that, if you think about for too much, you will spiral into madness. But think of it like me; think that every day is an opportunity to be a better you. Don’t allow fear, doubt, beliefs or insecurities ruin a good chance to do something, you might not do ever.

Don’t let people say what you do is silly and you shouldn’t do it, or pass up on doing that thing you wanted to do or be. Give it a go, and enjoy life to the 150%. I know Al did that, and he provided well to his children and was an awesome husband.

Al. Beezy. You will be missed. Rest in peace.

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