Who is Fico?

Hello ladies and gents! And welcome to the Fico’s Gaming Mind Blog. My name is Fico and I’m here to welcome you to the written world of my mind in video games. I mostly do this sort of thing via my YouTube channel, Fico’s Gaming Mind, where people can see me post videos about my opinions of certain practices in the game industry that I don’t like, my impressions of video games, game hardware I try out, and also do a bit of gameplay goodness here and there. If you want more information about me, I urge you to watch the videos down below to get a better glimpse of what I do on the channel.



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    • Fico · October 18, 2016

      I just saw what you posted! Thank you for your kind words and I feel terrible for not writing. Things have been so busy and now with schedule changes and drawing every day it’s becoming insane. But I am glad you like my writing and I do want to continue it. I hope I can work on improving the blog since it’s been unchanged since day 1. I speak more about other things and well, I wanna add my other things more to it. Keep drawing, keep writing and keep being awesome. 😉


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