I’m Back…And Employed!

Hey guys. Sorry about the absence in posts, and also the lack of communication of any kind at all. It seems like, the majority of my time was invested in getting a job, going to meetings for job searching seminars, unemployment, and just trying to stay on top of things, that would keep me on the lookout, and not at all lacking in momentum.

Well I am happy to announce that, after just a month, I start my new job tomorrow. Now, I will be doing the same thing I was doing before, and yes, this is a bit of a contradiction of, seeking the opportunity in changing your field and doing something else. I do plan on doing this as well, since, I plan on growing more as a tech, and as a professional in this job. My biggest mistake was that, I became complacent; too comfortable, and too at ease with the job I was doing. I didn’t look into the future, and I should have. This is a mistake I will fix, as I plan to bust my ass working, learning the ins and outs of the company, and looking to seek ways to grow inside the company. I don’t want to stay in the same place I was 9 years ago; I want to make more money yes, like all human beings with thoughts and dreams do. But it’s not about the money as well, it’s the piece of mind, it’s the challenges, it’s the things I will learn and the people I will meet. I want to learn how to network, and make connections, and be a better person. I want to get back on ADHD medication to help me focus and not wander off into God knows where, and improve on drawing that I have neglected for so long, and play games calmly, and talk more about things here, on this blog.

Many of us want chances to grow; and I know mine is coming. I have a good feeling about this and I want to fill you all in on the excitement. Been a bit, but I’m back. I hope to stick around as well. 😉

Take care guys.

DreamTheater, YouTube and Job Search

Hey guys, it’s been a little bit again, but as I said, I’m still doing job searching, but the good news is that I’m getting job interviews and I have one big one next week, so I’m hoping for the best. As for what else I’ve been up to, I have a few videos to share with you guys.

YouTube Videos

I little more details about my job searching and also some opinions about the recent censorship bullcrap that took place, over at Capcom with Street Fighter 5. It’s seems like a really stupid thing to do just to make some stupid people that, don’t place video games, happy. But that is just me.

This one is pretty sad, and not because of the decision, but the reason he decided to do it. TotalBiscuit, is a really popular PC Gaming YouTuber and has been active for many years, and he has made his career in being one of the best. Unfortunately, he is going through one of his more toughest battles…cancer. And sadly, the cancer is winning since, it is inoperable and there is a strong chance, that he will not make it after a few years. But if that wasn’t bad enough, social-media has taken his sanity and he decided to leave. The SoundCloud post is on the description of the video so you can get the full context. I made a video leaving my opinions about this whole thing.

The Astonishing

And if things were looking a little down, well then don’t worry because the new Dream Theater album, The Astonishing, is here. Right now! I’m listening to it as I type and this is musically amazing in every way. This is the Dream Theater I remember falling in love with, but it’s gone through some amazing changes. Hearing different elements like horns and more background singers as well. This is a concept album I have been waiting for a long time for them to do. This is the best I’ve heard them in a while. I will leave the playlist here so you guys can listen to it. You have 2 hours to spare, listen to it. You will not regret it.


I will leave you guys here for the moment. I’m sorry again for not posting, but I think I can adjust as soon as I get a break to write a little bit in order to make further posts and share them later. I leave you guys with a question…What are your thoughts about social-media? And do you think it is capable of driving people crazy and stressed to the point of therapy, or is this grossly exaggerated? My opinions are in the video above. Take care guys!

10 Days Later….


Hello guys, I’m sorry that I have been absent from my blog for a few days. This week I just got back from my vacation from visiting Puerto Rico, and I plan on making a post to share what I did during that time. I plan on giving you guys also what I said I would deliver some time ago as well; but this week has been a “getting back to the grind”. I have been searching for jobs to get back to work, but on the upside, I got my severance package so there is a ton of relief. However, I do want to pay off my personal loan and also want to save some for the bank as well; so my quest to get a job is very crucial so I don’t eat into my severance savings.

But now it’s the weekend and I have tons of football to watch and also tons of gaming to do so I can get back on Monday back to searching for work. I have a few job interviews next week so I’m hoping for the best and 2 places in particular I’m hoping to get accepted. As for the blog, I hope that I can continue to give you guys what I can as best as I can. As I said, this is a very difficult thing to do when you are putting your nose to the grindstone trying to get yourself out there, so that people can see you and you get interviewed.

That is in for now, but I leave you guys with this; a playlist that was created in Spotify for David Bowie. This year is not a half month old and we have lost him, Lemmy from Motor Head, and now Alan Rickman. Goddamn 2016, take it easy! My heart needs a moment to process each one. Shit!

3 Days Down Already!

It’s really cool that we are already 3 days into the year. We started a new year on Friday and now it’s Monday. For many it means that, they might be going back to the grind, back to doing what they either love or hate to get paid, and for some; they are still enjoying their extended vacation and they are trying to enjoy themselves as best as possible before returning to their lives.

And for and this is a new day. The next January 4th could be better or worse than this one, but remember; there is a January 5, and a February, and what happens one day is not the determination of how things are going to be.

I will be back later to do my Gaming Music Monday. I have no clue what I’m making it about, and I won’t guarantee it will be today. But if you guys have opinions about what I just mentioned above, let me know down below and also leave suggestions of things to talk about from the Contact Me. Take care guys!


2016 is Here!

Good morning guys and girls! A new year has just started. As I type, there has only been 9 hours of 2016, so I’m feeling pretty optimistic so far. I know that as of right now, I am officially unemployed, but I still have time here with my family, and I will worry about that when I go home; where I will put this into overdrive and lose sleep if I have to, until I score my job. But enough about the future for me, how about the future for you guys?

I’ve been hearing a ton of things about resolutions, and how you shouldn’t make them since, it’s something that tends to be broken rather quickly. But I think it’s because most of those resolutions are pretty generic, and you can start them any time during the year, and the urgency for some, like for those that want to lose weight; it’s something of great concern as of yet. But then again, there is also the pressure of not doing it from the get-go and then falling for the “if I don’t start now, I will never do it”. Motivation is the key to do something you want to do at first, and persistence is the key to keep doing it nonstop. And while I do not have resolutions for the moment, I do have goals. I am hoping that these goals will be meet or at least be on their way so, I will list today the top five things I want to accomplish in 2016.

1- Getting The Better Job If Possible

I will need a job, regardless. And I will need to do whatever I can to get the money I need to keep being efficient. But if it is at all, possible to land my job, in order to springboard to an even better position or a higher paying job; or even the job I really want, then I hope it happens this year. At the very least, I would like to know what would be the better job, and start preparing for it better.

2- Getting A Next Gen Console

Yes folks, I have spent the later half of last year making posts that are non-gaming related, and I figured I would make a mention of one thing on this list. Now this one is really unlikely because it seems that next year there are things that might keep me from getting either an Xbox One, a Playstation 4, or a Nitnendo WiiU. I still don’t have any of them and sadly, I’m not playing console games either. I’ve done the majority of my playing on PC and on my 3DS; and I haven’t found myself wanting either of these three consoles. Now I do think that, eventually I will need one since, I want to talk more about consoles on the channel as well, but the expense to me isn’t justified yet. So I hope 2016 brings more games in which I can get one of these.

3- Move

Part of next year is about saving money so I can actually have savings and plan for the future. Having the job isn’t going to be enough. I need to pinch with whatever I can and save in each corner. The biggest money spender for sure is my rent for my apartment; which each year has gone up with diminishing returns. The price I’m paying doesn’t justify it anymore. I like where I live and it’s been great for my punctuality; but I don’t really need to be punctual anymore until I get my next job. And having to pay less rent by finding a cheaper place would be the way to go. It will be a project and for now it is quite uncertain as to where, but I would need some things to happen in other for me to move. But I do know I need to move. I cannot renew again, only to see my rent go up again, and then not be able to save money.

4- Make More Videos/Blogs/Drawings

This one I’m doing right now. I have a video on the pipeline and drawing has come to a stop, sadly. I was hoping to get back to taking art classes this year, but this year will more likely be a bit difficult for me. But it doesn’t mean I can’t practice and improve; YouTube has been an excellent resource and I have a few art books I can take inspiration from. As for the channel, I want to make this a thing. This can get me money if I try my hardest this year. Last year was the year of uploading more stuff; but this year needs to be the year of focus, consistency, and better quality. I don’t do it for the money; but getting paid for it wouldn’t be a bad thing, hehe.

5- Make Another Trip

The most unlikely event to happen is me traveling anywhere. This year is the year of working, saving, and holding my wallet. And I know that a trip is a very hard thing to do when you are trying to adjust to new things. I would need the job to make money of course, and while I have enough to hold and more coming for later, I need to focus on improving myself first before I can take myself on another trip. This trip I’m on is still going and it is the longest I’ve taken; so I have taken enough time as it is once it’s over. There will be time for later trips down the road so I’m not stressing. But if there was a chance for another trip? I would totally take it.


So what are your goals for 2016? Are there things you want to see? Places you want to visit? Or things you want to learn or try? Well it’s only Day 001 and you have 364 and a half days to get on it. Take care guys! Happy New Year!

2015 in review. Great Year

I want to thank everyone for being a part of this journey and the year of 2015 in this blog. There is a lot more to come and I hope that 2016 is a better year all around. Lots of change, but I hope that this place is still a place I can come and share ideas with all of you. Thank you to all that followed me and also to all that have helped me this year. Here is to a full year of posting and a full year of awesome. Bring it on, 2016. 


The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 750 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 13 trips to carry that many people.

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DailyPost Weekend- Un/Faithful

Un/Faithful is the Daily Post of today and I figured, while I’m still on vacation, I wanted to throw my two cents on what I felt about this prompt. This is a very delicate subject for some and for others is a bit of a struggle. The truth is that, as a gamer, I’ve found many joys in people that share my passions. However, with other things that I used to be related to other people, like religion, it’s something that I am apart from people. It’s funny because I’m typing on my Mom’s laptop, and she doesn’t know. At least I haven’t told her. My entire family are devout Catholics and I used to be one, but it’s been some time that I have been either active, interested, or even subscribed to this idea.

I’ve been an non-believer for the last 2 years officially, but I think I haven’t been this way for many years. Mainly because, the idea they suggest is all something that I never bought. I realized, that it wasn’t a lack of understanding, but it was a lack of belief. I was taught science also at my private school and it was a very religious environment. Even as I type this, I’ve had conversations with many of my family members that have gone with things like God this, or thank God for that. They really do take an unproven concept as something that has taken the form of a life force that controls their lives.

Sadly, they don’t see the potential of what they can do as a species that has come to moments where, they strive and struggle and go through problems; but none of that matters because all of it is because of God. If things are terrible, God is responsible so that you make it past the other side. If things are great, then things are because of him because praise him for all good things are his doing and nothing to do with a person’s blood, sweat, and tears. I find that almost nauseating; but I know they mean well. They know nothing else besides the life with faith. They put themselves in a higher power, that is simply not there. And yes, I don’t believe that a deity such as that is impossible; but then again, that isn’t saying much in light of how this deity cannot be proven or disproved. It’s a man made concept, and has no truth in it. And that is why faith is not something I take in stride.

I know that we want to think things happen for a reason, and you are right when sometimes the cosmos do seem to line up to your position. But all that is things of not just your doing, but things are of others’ doings. Life is a powerful force which is not only huge in it’s scope, it’s also real. And that is why I have come to my conclusions when it comes to the aspects of fate, chance and also unseen forces; and it is that I do not believe in them. We are in control of our lives and we are more precious than some fiction concept that is in my opinion, evil. But that is just me.

That is just my opinion, and I know that it is an incendiary position, but I feel we are hear to share what we each think of certain things. I hope you guys can understand and respect that. Let me know what you guys think. Take care guys! Happy Holidays!


Merry Holidays! Happy Christmas!

Photo Dec 25, 12 31 04 AM

Well guys, you guys! It’s been an awesome year and a very great few months here in WordPress. It’s been a wonderful year full of concerts, game purchases and well, life changes. Not happy that I am unemployed as of the end of this year, but I’m hopeful, not alone, and have chances coming up for me. I am looking to be positive and also looking ahead in what the year 2016 is going to bring.

For the blog, it’s been a bit slow because of my trip and also for the stress I was dealing for the last few work days. But now I’m feeling better and I had my birthday 2 days ago and also Christmas Eve, and today; it’s Christmas.

Whatever it means to all of you, I am wishing you all a super duper Merry Christmas and I wish you all the best in your time and place. You guys have been pretty awesome and I wish you all an awesome day. Where I am from, the holidays last for a while and I know that the holidays are pretty much done for some after today, but the holidays you need to enjoy them as best as you can with whoever you are with, and enjoy them for as long as you can.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas again; and a Happy New Year.

My Unnamed Music Monday #1

Hello guys! I am about to take off to an extended vacation to visit my family and I know I have been absent from here, but I wanted to throw together some tunes for you all to enjoy during this holiday season. I know that I said that I would provide Unnamed Gaming Music posts every Monday, I haven’t had the chance to decide what to post. But I did wanted to share music with all of you, so I will provide some posts here for some pretty decent tunes. Similar to the post I did for Music Monday Challenge, I will do one of my own with some more tunes. Enjoy!

1- CHIMP SPANNER – “Dark Age of Technology”

I have been listening to this track for weeks and it’s one of the most addicting sounds I have heard this year. CHIMP SPANNER normally only plays instrumental, but this track it’s at it’s finest. The tune changes during the guitar parts and the synth parts are very mesmerizing. And the song is so upbeat as well, but at the same time, instrumentally flawless. I love this track. I wish CHIMP SPANNER would do more albums, but who knows?

2- Combichrist – “Never Surrender”

This is a song I first discovered while I was playing DmC: Devil May Cry. This might get a separate post for that game, but I will first post my favorite song from that game. Combichrist is one guy with a group of musicians delivering a pretty sweet aggro tech song. It’s basically industrial dance and industrial rock at the same time. I went on a aggro tech binge after playing this game. This song is aggressive to the max and also, not a bad message indeed.

3- Intervals – “Mata Hari”

I found Intervals last year and they just released a new album this month, The Shape of Colour. And it’s amazing. Aaron Marshall fronts this thing, and he is such an amazing guitar player. The sound is aggressive and the solo parts are pretty awesome. Djent fans often mention Intervals as one of the big greats in the sub genre, and I agree. Intervals is amazing and this was the first song I have heard from the band. Enjoy the explosion!

4- The Birthday Massacre – “Superstition”

Take new wave, and mix it with industrial and add emo with some crazy nicknames for each other, and you get a really awesome group. There are plenty of songs that I can recommend from the ones I’ve heard this group do, but this one shows them basically with no theatrics and just them playing, in the studio. I like this song as well, as it has a hint of that new wave from the 80s, but it has a dark tone to it. Think New Order, mixed with emo, and some Evanescence thrown into it.

5- Means End – “Candle In The Dark”

I heard this song last year as well, and ran into it again today. Means End is an awesome progressive rock group, mainly falling into the Djent sub genre again. But these guys are full of energy, and like many in the sub genre, their musicianship is unparalleled. This song is trippy in regards to time signature changes, and lyrically, the song is a trip itself. The lyrics are in the description of the video above. So enjoy!

Well guys I hope that you like this post and also be sure to let me know what songs like this you dig, and it not, how do these songs make you feel, when you listen to them? Let me know. Take care, and have a Happy Holidays!


Life Updates

Hey guys, I wanted to let you guys know how I was doing and also to tell you what I had in store for the rest of the year. First, I will do my all-around best to continue to post on this blog. And also, I will continue to express myself with my voice, and not be held back in this form. I feel good whenever I express myself and others share with me what they feel, and it’s great.

This Monday was my last work day, and Wednesday was a get together for me and the group. Sadly on Tuesday, I had a chance to score an interview but, I didn’t pass the assessment required to score the interview. I didn’t really want that job, but it wouldn’t be bad to still, be linked to the company.

Next week I travel to visit my family in the Caribbean as I spend the holidays, my birthday, and whatever free time I have left until I pave my new path next year.

I have to say; I’m nervous and scared and unsure. I’m lost at sea at this point; but I’ve been thrown a few life lines and I think if I work it good, I will be OK.

Plus I also saw The Force Awakens yesterday and I was very happy. Amazing movie and you all need to see it. Pronto.

I am behind on most of my Blogging 101 and 201 stuff and a little behind my regular posts and my Writing 101 posts. So I’ll be trying to get them done before I leave and while I’m gone.

I’m sorry to disappoint you guys. I do want to make this a more daily thing and I do try to find things to blog about, but during these past few days, my mind has been overtaken by many worries. I will do my best.

Take care guys!